The Side Effects Of Heart Ache

Not really love or romance, more heartbreak, hence the title. Thanks for reading if you do.


1. The Side Effects Of Heartbreak

I felt like that was it for me. My hope of ever being good had -like the stars- faded away. I cried what was left of my cold heart out and smoked all of my cigarettes. I gave up smoking for pleasure, then. I smoked for the eventual side effects. I smoked to die because I couldn't live with a heart like mine. I couldn't live with a cold, lonely heart. I couldn't live with my crooked heart in this crooked world full of crooked people and crooked love. Nothing was easy: I understood that. I didn't understand why everything had to be so hard. I went back to our room and contemplated slashing each damned wrist. I, instead, decided on going to sleep. Maybe I wouldn't wake up.

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