Their last goodbye

Read the story of a young man and woman saying there last goodbye as Chris leaves his pregnant beloved for forced service in the army.



Their last goodbye

BANG, BANG, BANG . . . The church bell rings through the village, sounding through the woods, startling birds, and deer and forest critters alike. There was a gentle sprinkle of snow showering the silent houses home to all the pre-army families reminding them of what was to come. The white dust landed onto the thread like oak branches cushioning them with cold and showering the lone couple.

Molly sat beneath a great oak tree awaiting her true love, amongst a blanket of snow. Short black ringlets covered a small pale face, reddened by the bitter harsh winds. She wore her favourite white winter coat with her black jumper and tight grey trousers. She wrapped up with grey boots and hat with black gloves.

“Hey molls,” Chris murmured in molly’s ear.

“Chris,” she squeaked and turned, panic stricken”we need to go now before they find you, they’ll take you away, we need to go now!”

“Molly I'm not running any moreI'm going to go.” Chris gently told her.

“I I I Don’t understand, Wh what’s- “ she stuttered.

Chris tilted molly’s head back and gently kissed her pink frozen lips with his own. He felt her hurt and confusion and hated himself for it. He swept his black spiky hair back of his face, and levelled her face to his.

I'm sorry baby, but they’ll take you to hurt me, I can’t let that happen so I have to go,” Chris told her, his voice cracking with unshod tears.

Molly looked at the winter ground, her eyes glittering with unshod tears; she licked her icy lips searching for an answer.

“Chris, What about our baby, I can’t do this alone?” she whispered.

Chris swallowed his tears back and kissed her once more.

“Come on, let me show you something.” He said.

Chris took molly’s soft gloved hand into his own bare hand and walked her through the forest. He led her to a small hidden cottage amongst the web like branches of the trees weighed down by white dust. The gentle fall of snow gave the cottage a homely feel and invited company. Chris sat molly down upon the wooden garden bench and kissed her again.

You can live here moll, it’s all fixed and the house is full of food. You are safe here and when I get home, it will be all three of us. It’s everything we wanted. Chris showed her around the house, and hated the tense silence between them.

In the village, the church bells chimed showing 11 o'clock. The couple turned toward the imposing reminder and began the inevitable walk home. They both trudged through the snow fighting the billowing wind. Molly fought her tears. Would he be okay? She nearly lost him before. He was shot last year and nearly died. They stood in the clearing before the village, and said there last goodbye.

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