Yours, Mine, Ours.

Charli has 9 siblings. Now she has to add 10 of them? Her dad is marrying a woman with ten children, forcing the families to merge together. They move from South Carolina to LA, which is the only place they can find a house big enough for all of them. Sharing isn't something Charli ever liked, now they she has to share everything with 10 more people? Strangers at that. Maybe everything will turn out okay, but Charli doesn't think so.


4. New House

Charli's POV


"Charli, get up we have to get off now." Mike shook me awake. I nodded and got up, following everyone else off the plane. We went to the baggage claim and got our things. We drove to our new house in four separate cars, My dad driving one, Elizabeth driving another, and Angel and Hannah driving the other two. When we pulled up to the house I couldn't believe my eyes. The house was huge. It looked like a mansion. Who am I kidding, it was a mansion. How could they have gotten the money to buy this?


"All the rooms are already furnished, you can rearrange them if you'd like. There are signs with your names on the doors so you know whose is whose. All you have to do is unpack your stuff." Dad said.

With that everyone scrambled into the house. It was bigger on the inside then it was on the outside, and trust me it was pretty big outside. We went up the giant staircase and one side of the hall was a railing to look downstairs and the other side was lined with doors. The doors had little wooden signs with every ones names on them in neat, cursive writing. We all found our rooms and went in them.

My room was mostly zebra print. The walls were a dark blue and the floor was a dark, almost black, colored wood. The bed frame was white wood and had aqua covers with little bubbles on them. There was a vanity with the same white wood that had a nice, big mirror. There was also a desk, which was white wood too, with a chair in front of it. I set the bag I had brought up with me on the bed and went over to a door, which was the closet. There were two doors with light blue-green curtains that led to a balcony that overlooked the backyard, which was gorgeous. It had beautiful flowers, and a pool, and all that.


"Hey." Andrew's voice startled me.


"Jesus Christ, you scared me." I turned around.


"Sorry." he giggled, "The moving trucks are here with all the things we couldn't bring on the plane.


"Okay." I nodded, following him downstairs. I went in the back of the truck with everyone else and looked for some of my boxes. I found a few and carried them upstairs to my room. The one on stop was one that said 'Junk'. I put that one on my dresser, I didn't want to open that. The next one said 'Pictures'. I opened it and it was all pictures of me with people. I put the one of me, John, James, Jessica, and Kim at the fireworks one year on my night stand. Along with one of my mother and I. I decided to do the rest later and opened the next box. It was full of the posters the hid the walls in my old room.


"You like it?" My dad asked, standing in the doorway.


"Yeah, it's amazing." I smiled.


"You guys are going to be going to school next week." He told me, "You should be all settled in by then."


"Okay. Well, I'm gonna get the rest of my stuff." I told him, walking downstairs. I put my cloths away first, then put everything else out. I moved the junk box over and spilled all my makeup, perfume, and all that good stuff onto it. Then I decided to start putting up posters. I grabbed the chair from my desk and starting pinning them up.


"Hey, Charli right?" I turned and saw Josh in my doorway.


"Yeah." I nodded, hanging up my Hollywood Undead poster.


"So, how old are you?" He asked.


"Fifteen." I said, hanging up the next poster. I had about half of a wall covered now.


"I'm sixteen. You listen to all that death metal music?" He asked.


"It's not death metal." I glared at him.


"Whatever." He rolled his eyes, "So, you need help unpacking?"


"No thanks." I shook my head, focusing on making the poster I was pinning up line up perfectly with the on next to it.


"You sure, cause you still got quite a few boxes here." He said. I turned and he had picked up the junk box. The one I didn't want to open. The one I especially didn't want him to open.


"Don't open that!" I jumped off my chair and stood in front of him. He was really tall compared to me. Well, everyone is tall compared to me.


"Sorry." he handed me the box and I put it back.


"Thanks anyway. But I don't need any help." I said, giving him a warm smile.


"Josh." I think Valerie said to him in a warning tone when she walked by my open door.


"What?" Josh asked.


"You know what." She glared at him. He rolled his eyes as she walked away.


"Dinner's ready!" I heard Liz call from downstairs. We went downstairs and into the dining room.


"So, do you guys like the house?" My dad asked. He got a chorus of 'yeah's' and smiled happily. 


"But, what's not to like about it?" Amy asked. Everyone just shrugged and we ate our dinner. After that we all went up to our rooms.




I woke up and it was one in the afternoon. I got out of bed and walked downstairs.


"Charli, don't you think those shorts are a little too short? Considering that Andrew and dad aren't the only guys here now." Mikayla asked me.


"First off; they're not shorts, they're girl boxers. Second; I don't care." I said, pouring my self a glass of water.


"Well, dad is gonna yell at you." She told me.


"Again, I don't care." I shrugged. She just rolled her eyes and left the kitchen as Mike, Josh, and Joey walked in. They stopped and looked at me.


"Close your mouth, you'll catch flies." I smirked, walking out of the kitchen and back to my room. I plugged my phone into my speakers and played 'Rebel Love Song' by Black Veil Brides and continued hanging up my posters.


"Charli, can you please put some pants on." Dad said, walking past my door a few hours after I finally covered a whole wall with posters.


"I don't believe in pants." I turned and looked at him. I hadn't bothered changing since this morning because I wasn't going anywhere.


"Charli." he said in a warning tone like Valerie had to Josh last night.


"Go. Away." I glared at him. He just sighed and walked away.

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