Yours, Mine, Ours.

Charli has 9 siblings. Now she has to add 10 of them? Her dad is marrying a woman with ten children, forcing the families to merge together. They move from South Carolina to LA, which is the only place they can find a house big enough for all of them. Sharing isn't something Charli ever liked, now they she has to share everything with 10 more people? Strangers at that. Maybe everything will turn out okay, but Charli doesn't think so.


3. Moving?

Charli's POV


"So, are we like, moving in together?" I asked.


"Yes." Elizabeth nodded.


"How exactly is that gonna work?" Joey asked.


"Well, we're going to be moving." My dad said.


"Where?" We all asked in unison.


"LA, it's the only place we found with a house big enough for all of us." Elizabeth told us.


"LA? That's like 3000 miles away!" Angel exclaimed.


"Well, yes but-" Dad started.


"So, you mean I have to pick up and leave all my friends?" I interrupted him.


"Yeah. Going from South Carolina to LA is like all the way across the country." Andrew said.


"I know, but it'll be better there." Elizabeth said.


"When are we leaving?" Valerie asked.


"Next weekend." Dad said.




Everyone was all packed and ready to go. We have one plane booked for us because there wasn't a flight with enough empty seats for all of us to go together. We were leaving later today so we get to go say goodbye to all our friends now. Which meant I had to get dressed. Which also meant I had to put pants on. I hate pants, okay? I got up and picked out a tank top that had bones on ir and yellow, green, and pink denim shorts. I put them on with my Converse that had mustaches on them along with my mustache necklace. I straightened my hair, did my makeup, grabbed my phone, and walked to the park where we were meeting.

"Charli!" Jessica squealed when she saw me. She ran over and hugged me tightly.


"Hi, Jess." I giggled as we walked over to the others.


"Are you really moving?" Kim asked.


"Yup." I frowned.


"Dude, your dad barely even knows this lady and he's gonna marry her." John shook his head.


"I know." I sighed.


"I can't believe your really going, I mean we've practically spent our entire lives together." James said.


"Yeah, well I can't really do anything about it." I said, "I'll visit when I can though." I reassured them.


"You better! You can't just leave us forever." Jessica said.


"I'll be back as soon as I turn 18." I smiled.


"Good." Kim smiled. 


"I don't think we'll be able to survive without ya." james laughed.


"Yeah, without you there's only four of us. Four is even and even is boring." John said. After the park we went and got ice cream then went skateboarding. Then it was time for me to go. I said my goodbyes and hugged all of them before going back home.


"Ready to go?" Dad asked.


"I guess." I sighed, putting my things in the car. We all piled in and drove the airport. We went through security and got on our plane. I was in between Mike and Josh. I didn't mind, though. I plugged in my ear buds and played 'Lion' by Hollywood Undead and drifted off to sleep.

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