Yours, Mine, Ours.

Charli has 9 siblings. Now she has to add 10 of them? Her dad is marrying a woman with ten children, forcing the families to merge together. They move from South Carolina to LA, which is the only place they can find a house big enough for all of them. Sharing isn't something Charli ever liked, now they she has to share everything with 10 more people? Strangers at that. Maybe everything will turn out okay, but Charli doesn't think so.


2. Good And Bad News

Charli's POV


"Guys! Come down here for a second!" I heard my dad call form the living room. All ten of us went downstairs and piled onto the couch. You read that right. Ten. Nine if you don't include me. I have nine siblings. Angel, Hannah, Ali, Emily, Andrew, Annie, Mikayla, Callie, and Brooke. We're all a year apart. First was Angel, who is 20. Then Hannah,19. Emily and Ali are fraternal twins,18, they were born in January and right after they were born my mom got pregnant with Andrew, who is also 18. Next year was Annie and Mikayla, also fraternal twins, 17. Callie and Brooke the next year. Brooke in January then Callie in October, 16. Finally there was me. The next year. I am 15 if you haven't caught along. Being the youngest has it's advantages, but sometimes it's just plain annoying.


"So what's up?" Emily asked.


"Well, I'm getting re-married." He said bluntly.


"What?" Our jaws dropped.


"Yes. Her name is Elizabeth. She's actually quite-"


"So you just met this girl and your marrying her?" Andrew asked.


"No, she's the lady I've been going on dates with. You'll like her I promise." He reassured us with a smile.


"She got any kids?" I asked.


"Yes." He nodded.


"How many?" Callie asked.


"Ten." He told me.


"WHAT?!" We all shrieked. I mean, sure it was normal for us. But another person having ten kids? We never thought that would happen. We thought we were unique, and no one could ever be like us. Guess we were wrong.


"Sooo, when do we meet these people?" Brooke asked.


"Soon." He told us. We nodded and went upstairs. I was uncomfortable in my jeans now and decided to change. I put on sweatpants and a tank top, putting my blonde hair into a messy bun. I left my makeup on cause I was too lazy to take it off. I went back downstairs and as I got to the bottom the doorbell rang. I sighed and went to the door. I opened it and a woman with light brown hair and blue eyes stood at the door. There were about ten people behind her. Ten people. Wait, was this Elizabeth?


"Hi, sweetie. Is your father home?" The lady asked.


"Uh, yeah." I nodded, noticing the three guys that were there staring at me and one of the girl giggling at their faces. Before I could call him, my dad came up behind me. I looked at the lady's left hand and a gorgeous ring sat on her finger. 


"Elizabeth!" My dad smiled, hugging and kissing her.


"Hi, Dan." She smiled.


"Liz, this is my youngest daughter, Charli, she's 15." My dad told Elizabeth.


"Hello, Charli. I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz." She smiled, shaking my hand. I nodded and smiled.


"Well, come in! You can go ahead into the living room and we'll be there once I gather up the rest of them." My dad told her. She nodded and led her kids to the living room.


"Well?" My dad smiled at me.


"Well, what?" I cocked an eyebrow.


"What do you think?" He asked.


"I barely know the lady, I can't say anything about her except her sons like staring at me." I rolled my eyes.


"Just go get your brother and sisters." He sighed, shaking his head.


"CHILDREN OF THE CORN!" I yelled up the stairs, getting a glare from my dad, "COME MEET OUR NEW MOMMY!" I giggled. They all ran down the stairs, nearly trampling me.


"Where is she?" Ali asked.


"Did she bring the kids?" Hannah asked.


"Is there any boys?" Andrew asked.


"What is this, twenty questions? Go look for yourself, their in the living room." I rolled my eyes.


"So sassy, Charlotte." Angel snickered.


"Don't call me that, Angelina." I smirked at her.


"Hey! Dad, she just called me by my full name!" Angel whined.


"Oh, quit whining and get in the living room." My dad shooed us. We went in, standing on the opposite side they were.


"Alright, introduce yourselves." My dad told us.


"Well, I'm Hannah." Hannah started.


















"Charli." I ended.


"Well, this is Valerie, Joey, Mileena, Ashley, Mike, Josh, Jenna, Carli, Amy, and Mandi." Liz told us.


"We're also known as the children of the corn." I giggled.


"Yeah, that's us." Andrew smiled.


"Andrew, Charli, that is enough!" My dad warned. We just smiled at each other, giggling at the other kids scared faces.

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