My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


31. tour day 1

Mackenzie POV

"Mackenzie wake up we are going to be late"

"Ughh I'm coming"

Thank god I packed last night. I'm definitely not a morning person. As I walked downstairs with my suitcase and all my bags, I was met by the best best friend in the whole world louis. He had some Starbucks.

"Thanks Lou you're the bestest best friend ever and I love you now give me coffee!"

"Alright alright calm down don't bite my hand off"

We all got on the bus. Once I got on I dropped all my stuff on the floor and went to sleep in my bunk I am not a morning person.

I was woken up by the sound of voice

"Look how cute she is"

Then a flash

"She's adorable"

"She looks like a baby"

"Look at her nose it wiggles when she sleeps"

"She looks so peaceful.."

And then all of a sudden there was a bunch of weight on me.

"Get of me you fat children I can't breath"

I said while laughing.

Niall was the first to get off.

"Guys get off her you're going to crush her"

After Niall got the boys off he looked at me a cooed.

"It's ok baby I'll protect you from those guys"

I just giggled. He was leaning in and so was I, my mind was telling me no but my heart said yes. Before anything could happen, our moment was ruined by my brother screaming

"Mackenzie I need you to come maker some lunch !"

Niall blushed and so did I. I hopped off my bunk and went to tend to Harry.

"He Hazz where are we?"

"We are on our way to London"

"Cool! So what do you want for lunch"

"Oh nothing I just saw Niall go to your bunk and I couldn't hear talking anymore so I bought it was time to intervene."

I just glared at him

"Nothing was going to happen. Don't you trust me?"

"Well if course it's him I don't trust."

As I was laying on the couch I just groaned.

"I'm bored can we do something?"

"Ok let's watch a scary movie" Louis suggested

Even tho I was scared I couldn't let the boys know that. So I just smiled and nodded.

I sat in the floor with Niall as the boys took the couches. As much as Harry doesn't like me dating he would much rather me date one of the boys especially now that I'm in tour and he can keep an eye on me.

You know when you watch a scary movie and the dumb girl always opens the door and goes in and you like shout at the tv like "don't go in there you're going to die" well I did that then I stared to feel like I couldn't keep my eyes open so I laid my head on Niall's shoulder and fell asleep. After the movie was over.. I think. I felt to strong arms carry me to my bunk. We I drifted on into a nice calm slumber.

Tour has started. Feedback is always good it makes me want to write faster if I know that you guys like this story.


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