My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


5. the date

Mackenzie POV

Niall and I left for our date. In the car it was quiet but it was nice we were just enjoying each other's company. Niall rested his hand on mine and something about it felt right.

" so Niall where are we going"

" It's a secret love"

"But Niall I hate surprises"

"Oh well"

When we finally got to our destination I step out of the car to find this beautiful Picnic.

"Oh Niall it beautiful"

" only the best for you Kenzie"

Niall POV

Mackenzie was beautiful. Tonight's the night I'm gonna ask her to be mine. After we ate it was time. Come on Niall just do it.

" Mackenzie Style I really like you and I want to ask if you would do the honours of being my girlfriend"

She crashed her lips to mine.

"Does that answer your question" she giggled

She said yes I think I'm the luckiest guy ever.

Mackenzie POV

He asked me out he really asked me out. I can't believe it I'm tap happy. He's such a gentlemen and I know he's gonna treat me right. I really like him I think i might be in love with him.

" thanks Niall I really had fun tonight"

" me too. Now let's get you home before Harry has a fit"

Mackenzie POV

Once we got back home I went up to my room to tell Veronica about all that happened she said she was happy for me and that we need to hang out soon I told her I would text her in the morning . I was tiered so i went to bed and thought about me and Niall. <3

Hope you guys like it leave a comment and let me know. There will probably be and update tomorrow.


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