My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


8. Make up?

Mackenzie POV

I'm on my way to see Brody,at Starbucks. Should I be doing this? No Niall went out with Barbara so I'm a loud to go out with my friend. I will admit it I did have a crush on Brody before but I don't anymore Niall's the only guy I see.

Brody POV

I was surprised to hear from Mackenzie I've herd less and less from here since she has been living with here brother, maybe it's time for me to tell her that I'm really like her.

Niall POV

After a long flight to Holmes Chaple I just want to see Mackenzie and tell her how sorry I am because I love her and I never want to lose her. Maybe I should go get some Starbucks for us before i stop by Harry's flat.

Mackenzie POV

Once i got to Starbucks Brody was already there. I went to see him and he had already ordered my favourite coffee.

" hey Brody bear"

" hey miss Mackenzie"

" we haven't talked in while"

" ya, so what's the problem you sounded a little sad on the phone"

" well I just started dating Niall Horan from my brothers band. So then the boys had to go to America to do some advertising or whatever. Then Niall and Barbara were all over the news and...."

" Kenzie what's wrong"

" Niall he's here.. I got to go ill text you later"

" bye "

I hopped in my car and drove home hopping that's where Niall is. I got home and there he was sitting on the porch with a bouquet of roses.

Niall POV

How could she. I mean we never broke up and she's out with some other guy.

Mackenzie POV

His eyes are all puffy and red he must've cried I can't believe I did this.

" Niall before you say anything Brody has been my best friend for ever and I'm sorry"

" Kenzie he's doesn't wanna be just friends I can tell."

" What! How can you tell"

" Cause he looks at you the way I do and I love you! I'm sorry I went out with Barbara I was scared, scared you would leave me for someone better, someone who could be there for you all the time and promise Barbara and I are just friends and will always be just friends your the only girl I LOVE."

By now I'm crying

" Niall I love you to and I'm sorry I should of trusted you"

" that's ok"

And he crashed his lips to mine.

So what did you guys think? Let me know. Should Brody have a part in the rest of the story?


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