My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


16. It's still you it will always be you

Mackenzie POV

He looked at me and said... "Hey what are you doing up here"

" look Niall you might be able to lead Barbara on but not me do you like her or me"

" your the one that wanted to take a break"

" yes but I wanted you to come after me"

" Kenzie it's still you and will always be you"

" Then why did you bring Barbara?"

" Why did you bring Brody?"

" Because you brought Barbara"

" well come back downstairs and by the way what made you upset"

I couldn't tell him I was jealous he would never let me live it down.

" I wasn't feeling good."

Niall POV

She was jealous I could tell but that's good so score for me. She and I walked downstairs and got stared down by everyone but oh well.

Mackenzie POV

When we walked down all the boys where staring but Barbara was the first to talk.

" look who decided to show up"

" bite me Barbara"

I wasn't in the mood to deal with her and I pretty sure everyone saw.

"So baby sis what do you wanna do "

"Ummm let's watch a movie"

So we put in the vow. I sat beside Brody on one couch Niall and Barbara on the other and the rest of the boys just kinda plop on the floor. Half way thru the movie Barbara got closer to Niall but he didn't move. I don't care I'm not jealous. At the end of the movie Barbara and Brody went home and the boys and I got ready for bed.

" Hazza bear can you come sing me to sleep"

" of course Kenzie Kinz."

Niall POV

I wish that was me. I should of chased but now I have to win her back and I will, mark my words.

" hey Liam can we talk"

" ya course what's up"

" what can I do about Mackenzie I really want he back"

" well she does have a dance competition next weekend maybe you go she her and give her flowers you know "

"That's sounds like a pretty good idea I'm might do that thanks bro"

" night"

"Night "

This one was a bit short. Let me know what you guys think. Btw I love Barbara she is just bad in this story.

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