My brothers band mate

Harry and the boys come home to Holmes chapel for a bit and they get to hang out with Harry's little sister. Is Mackenzie love struck? what does harry think of it?


11. dance

Mackenzie POV

The next morning j woke up around 8 cause I have to be at the dance studio for 9. Once I got dressed in some leggings and an off the shoulder top I went downstairs to get breakfast. There was a not from my mom saying that my aunt got sick in America so her and robin were going to go see and they don't know how long the will be gone . Looks like it's just me and the boys. I got some breakfast and turned on the tv. "Niall Horan an other date with Barbara, the couple where seen leaving the club at 1 am together and getting into the same taxi." Well isn't this great!!! But I don't have time for this I have 3 solos to learn plus 6 group routines to work on. I will probably be at the studio all day. On the up side I get to spend time with my favourite girls (my team).

Niall's POV

I woke up in a bed but it's not my bed oh no where am I. I walk down stairs cause I can here voices. Once I get down I see Barbara...

" ummm what am I doing "

" well Niall last night you were totally drunk and being the good friend that I am, I brought you here last night. Every time I would help you, you would say stop I have a girlfriend! So anyway I put you to bed I'm my guest room"

" so nothing happened?"

" Nope" she said popping the "P".

" thanks Barbara you're a great friend"

And with that I left to go see Kenzie cause I have a lot of explaining to do.

Mackenzie POV

I got to the studio and saw all my best friends. Veronica was still on vacation for an other 2 months.

" hey girlies"

" OMG is it true?! You're dating Niall Horan"

" well yes au guess"

" what do you mean?"

" well we want to a club and then i went home and he stayed and apparently he left with Barbara and I haven't talked to him since."

" well girl we are always here for you"

Niall's POV

I got to the Styles house. No one was home. I wonder where Mackenzie is ? I should text here

To Mackenzie

Where r u

From Mackenzie

I'm busy but we need to talk.

I knew I was in TROUBLE! But where was she I went up to her room and found her calendar. June 27 - dance at 9 am.

I know where she is. She needs lunch right? Maybe I should bring her something. It's was about 11:30 so I decide to bring her something.

Mackenzie POV

" girls go get a drink and come back in here"

Once I got some water I was just talking to the girls and they all started to whisper.

" what?"

" OMG look it's Niall Horan"

So I turned around and sure enough there stood the guys I didn't want to see.

" alright girls back in the studio"

As I was walking back in to the studio...

" Kenzie can we talk ?"

"Can't you see I'm busy."

I could see the hurt in his eyes but c'mon he went home with Barbara.

" I just want to say how sorry I am"

" save it. When I get done here maybe we can talk at home"

Niall POV

I guess I can at the wrong time but she did say we would talk so that's good right?

What do u guys think let me know

Xox- D

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