She Is Like Many Others

Sorry, these stories may be triggers.
A group of true stories that many people face in life. Written in the third person so that they are more relatable and more anonymous. Some of them are things that have happened to me and others to people to know so I hope you enjoy the brutality of life for a teenage girl.


2. Escape

She looks up into his eyes, he seems so caring. Their lips meet. She feels like nothing bad could ever happen when they are together. He takes her hand and cradles it within hers before they depart for lessons. They walk together, not talking, the silence is comfortable. 
Weeks pass. She is content with their relationship. She feels she has a place. 
He is bored. He has gotten only so far with her. He pushes her further, surely within her comfort zone. 

They sit together at lunch, holding hands and talking quietly between each other. She smiles at him. He smiles back and guides her hand to his crotch. She quickly pulls away and says no rather too loudly. Other people sitting around look over to them. She smiles as if it was nothing. He apologises and they continue with chatting. 

She goes home and forgets about his strange behaviour that day. He texts her asking why she pulled away from him. She tells him it is her choice and he agrees halfheartedly. She hopes he understands.

Everyday after he tries again to make her touch him. He tries to touch her too, his hand lingering over her bum and breasts. Every time he tries she stops him and tells him no. She doesn't understand why he won't listen to her. She asks him why and he laughs it off apparently she is irresistible. She wonders if she really means that much to him that he won't listen to her. 

He leads her away from the busy lunch halls and common rooms to a secluded outside area. He tries to move onto her again, more forcefully. She pushes him away and questions him in a raised voice. She is nearly I tears, confused by his actions. He pulls her close and tries again, more forcefully. She gives in. He touches her body but she feels no pleasure, each time she tries to pull away he draws her back in, his strength overpowering her. When it's time for lessons he plants a kiss on her forehead and leaves. She is shaken and confused. Where is the boyfriend she used to know? 

She is so worried about their relationship. She sees the obvious way out of breaking up but she is scared if him telling other people about what they did and twisting the truth about how it happened. She feels trapped with a boy she once loved. 
He texts her and tells her she is such a good girl and that he loves her so much but her answers are all lies, she could never love him. 

The meet at the park one weekend. She dresses nicely for him, wondering why she still bothers. He builds up from holding hands to kissing. She tries to make him slow down and attempts to start conversations. He acts as if he hasn't heard her. He takes her hand and places them over his crotch. She tries to move away but his grip is too strong. She fumbles for an excuse. She says she has to go home, she forgot to help her mum with something. She starts to cry. His grip loosens. He looks her in the eye as he realises what he is doing to her. He lets go of her wrists and she stumbles away, shocked. She starts to walk home and he calls out to her. She continues walking.

Later that night he calls her. She won't take his excuses. She leaves him and leaves her past, this is a secret she will never tell. 

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