The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.


1. The Funeral


I stood in front of his casket. Tears brimmed my eyes as the preacher shut his bible to begin the ending prayer. 

"...Please protect the family of George Dixon and all its riches that he had. Oh mighty God, if you may. If you may watch over his daughter, July Rosalinda Dixon as she ends her year in high school. Guide her and watch her..."

My aunt squeezed my hand. "He's gone...he's gone..." she mumbled over and over. I looked over to see my uncle crying--no sobbing, his eyes out. His big brother was really gone. Max and Lilly were crying too. 

This was the worst day of my life. 


The car ride seemed to be the worst of all of it. Uncle Jay and Aunt Becca were fighting the whole car ride about me and what was going to happen next. Max and Lilly were fighting over a toy and I was just sitting there, staring a the rain that was falling from the sky. 

There was no reason to fight over something after my father's funeral. I plugged my earplugs as Bruno Mars' voice filled my ears as he sang "Talking to The Moon".

Humming along to his sweet, perfect voice, Aunt Becca called me "Honey, are you ok?"

I nodded silently. "Don't worry, sweetie. I'm sure you'll be okay without him." she told me, swallowing tears. I swallowed mine too. But this time, it was my pride. Bruno continued singing. Tears ran my face like the rain streamed down the stainglass windows. 

What got me thinking was my mother. I don't know who she is, or what she looks like. I just don't anything about her. "Aunt Becca," I called softly. "Who was my mother? Where is she?" 

Aunt Becca sighed, "We'll talk about this at home. There's too much you don't know yet, July." 


When we arrived, I got out of the car first. I opened the door for Aunt Becca, Max and Lilly. Uncle Jay stayed there to smoke. Walking up the steps of the house, Aunt Becca opened the door for the 4 of us to enter. 

"Can you tell me now?" I asked, setting the two kids free. "Fine." she said taking a seat on the couch. I sat next to her and looked into her loving, hazel eyes. 

"YourmotheristhequeenofEnglandandsheleftyouwhenyouwereveryverylittle." she said quickly. I narrowed my eyes. "What?"

Aunt B took a deep breath, "Your mother is the Queen of England. Queen Annalise is your mother. She left you when you were three days old. She divorced with your father."

I widened my eyes.

"Q-Queen Annalise is my mother? She's British?!" I cried. I got up on my feet. Now the tears were racing my face to hit the floor. I let out loud sobs.

My mom left me... to be queen. 



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