The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.


11. Sleepover Secrets


"Tracy, chill." I told her the next night at a small sleepover. Tracy and I have been best friends. It seems like I can trust her with anything. Especially my secrets. She really couldn't stop screaming that we kissed. 

"Is it true? Are you guys dating?!" 

I shrugged. "I don't know. I want to though-"

Tracy let out one more scream. "This could be awesome news and publicity. I swear July!" I giggled. "'re taking this quite seriously."

"I AM!"

"Trace!" I exclaimed. "Well, was I right or what?" 

"About what?" I asked, taking another handful of popcorn. "About his lips? Aren't they soft?" Tracy asked happily. "They're actually luscious. They tasted like chocolate." I gushed, falling back on my pillow. 

Tracy screamed into her (my) pillow. "I knew you two would fall for each other! No bad boy could resist the new girl. Especially if the new girl is American. Zayn loves American girls. He thinks they're the 'hottest pieces of shit' on Earth."

I laughed, "Did he really say that?" 

Tracy nodded. We kept gossiping about the whole thing. "But you don't know my secret." 

I gave her the 'really?' look again. "You think I don't know about your huge crush on Caleb? How you're always stealing glances at him during breakfast and lunch time? How you're always out with him in the late afternoons? Seriously, Trace. Show some initiative." 

Her face flushed, "Since the beginning."

"Aww!" I gushed, giving her a squeeze. Tracy rolled her eyes. It was pretty obvious to me that she had strong ass feelings for Caleb.

I mean, he's attractive!

Sun-kissed skin, dark shaggy hair, prefect white teeth; perfection! And Tracy's type. 

"What would say if I meddled a little?" I said before taking a sip of my soda. She shrugged, "I wouldn't mind. Just don't get too many ideas. Like decorating your room to look like we're going to have sex..."

I choked on my soda. "I would totally do that to you and Zayn." she laughed. 

I did a spittake.

Sorry it's short. Oh...have a Merry Christmas! :P (I know i am!!!) 

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