The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.


19. Drama in The Courthouse!

My mother told me the worst news a couple of days after my birthday. 

She told me I couldn't be princess. The only reason is because I'm NOT British. I'm also of not British descent. And now, I'm stuck in a parliament courthouse with my mother (and her lawyer) next to me. 

I sighed and looked at my mother, who looked so stressed. "Mom, it's going to be okay." I assured her, resting my head on her shoulder. 

"It's not going to be ok, July. If we lose, you'll be sent back to American with your green card revoked from Europe." she snapped. I lifted my head softly, "Mom, are you-"

"No. No, I'm not fine. I can't lose you, July."

I sighed once more and turned to see that the courthouse was full. Zayn, Tracy and Caleb were in the first row. Tracy flipped me a thumbs up, Caleb mouthed "You rule!" and Zayn just gave me a half hearted smile that made me feel like I had half a heart. Turning back, I noticed that there were tons of cameras literally in my face. "What the-" 

"OH MY STARS, ITS THE JUDGES!" shrieked a woman. I saw nine men (seven tubby and two sticks) walk up and take their seats . I slumped into my seat.

"Let the session begin!" The tubby man in the middle announced. "Please rise, Miss Dixon."

I rose to my feet and stared at them. "You are Annalise`s daughter? The one from America?" Tubby asked me. "Yes." I replied shakily. The whole courtroom erupted in gasps, like they didn't even know that. 

"You realize you are just a threat to the royal family of Queen Victoria and you may not be princess?" He told me. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Yes." 

"Good. Sit." He turned to his fellow comrades about my responses. 

I just realized that he just told me to sit down, like I was a dog."No."

"Excuse me? Miss Dixon, did you just say no to the department of Justice in the UK? That will not be tolerated." Tubby snapped. "Don't you dare tell me to sit down. I am fucking human like everybody else. I will sit when I want to." I snipped. 

"Now, people of the court," I said while leaping over the mini wall of where we were sitting. "You notice that I'm a cheap American. A cheap American who lost her father. Due to a cruel  20 year divorce and that she lost him a day after her birthday."

"Miss Dixon-"

"No. Shut up. I'm speaking, you're listening. Anyway, I'm here to tell to you, anyone can be anything Just because you're black, doesn't mean can't be an astronaut. Look at Mae Jemison in her rocking chair. Staring proudly at her accomplishments. Look at Danica Patrick. She's a fucking legend! Racing her car at, at least, 100 miles per minute. I can be princess. I can! 

I'm smart enough to have at least half of the riches when my mother dies. I remember when I was walking in the park one day with the Prince. A little girl kept looking at me. She was poor and sitting on the sidewalks. I went over to her and told her something I have never told a hobo before. And those words were 'There is hope'. And when there's hope, there is a future to look forward to." I explained, walking around like a lawyer handing out questions. 

"What's your point?" Smirked one of the thin judges, glasses perched on his nose. 

"Have you not been listening to my five minute speech? Oh and wipe that smirk off your face. Show some initiative, you're a judge." I smirked back. The courtroom "oohed". Cameras flashed, reporters commented. 

Since the whole world was watching me rash on a judge, I took a seat. 

They discussed quietly for the moment. Then, another fat judge banged his gavel and yelled, "Let us take a thirty minute recess." 


The four of us were at an ice cream shop. 

I was licking my vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and chocolate chips, somberly. "That was great, July." chimed Tracy as she was licking her ice cream. "No it wasn't. I suck and I deserve to be back home with my aunt and uncle. And my two cousins."

"No you don't. Tracy's right." Caleb nodded. 

"Come on, July. We want you to stay and win this. I want you to stay and win this. I don't wanna go back with anymore slutty gjrls." Zayn whined, mouthful of ice cream. I giggled and wiped his mouth, "Don't worry. I will try to win this. For you. For us."  He smiled and kissed me. "You have cold lips. I like my lips warm, babe." I mumbled into the kiss.

 He chuckled and let go.


Recess was over. I was full of ice cream and pride. 

The courtroom was buzzing with activity before the judges came in. Me and Zayn were just making out. But he said it was for either for good luck or goodbye. 

I wanted it to be for good luck because his lips were warm now. 

I pulled away slowly and whispered, "I love you and if I lose, Skpye me." 

"I love you too and I will." 

He hurried back to his seat and the nine dwarves came in. I knows they're seven but these guys were actually more annoying! The courtroom fell dead silent.

The gavel was banged once again. Mother and her lawyer had arrived just in time. 

"The Recess of The July Dixon trial has come to an end." Now they had a trial named after me?! Good grief. 

"Now, during that recess, Sir Hamilton Fein had an argument to argue about your statement 'There is hope' in becoming princess. Sir Fein?" 

A plump man with a fat powder wig stood up holding what seemed to be his argument paper.

"July Rosalinda Dixon, your statement 'There is hope', is completely invalid. You cannot have hopes in being a royal. It's everybody's dream to be wealthy and rich. It seemed like you are  a commoner-"

"Am not!"  I shouted.

Mother calmed me down. "Please… darling." 

"I demand my mother's lawyer to defend!" I yelled once more. I was angry. "July, let him continue." Mr. William Greene (the lawyer) whispered. 

" It seemed like you were a commoner in the beginning but you have proven yourself worry of a princess..." The courtroom gasped.


"Sir Hamilton!" boomed Tubby. "I thought you said her statement was and is, invalid!" 

"It is.  But I believe in her. She's proven herself worthy. Remember Princess  Ursula Malik? Yes, it was 200 years ago but remember, she was a slave. A slave looking for her uncle, the king!" 

I turned around at looked at Zayn, who had the most confused look on his face. I snickered. 

Tubby and Sir Hamilton argued until Tubby gave up. 


The trial was over after a few hours of more statements.

I. Had. WON!

I, July Dixon, was now princess of England. Bow down, bitches! Beep, beep motherfucker, princess coming through- 


Tubby (aka Sir Gale Vanderheep. El oh el. What kind of last name was Vanderheep?) handed a document. It said that as the next ruler of England, we may break tradition of British royals and let my offspring (my kids) be royal. America is not. 

I smiled and scrawled my name down. 


July Rosalinda Dixon

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