The Bad Boy Prince

People say that he is a gentleman, I think he's a bad boy prince. But for some reason, I obsessed with him.


17. Birthday Bums

The Next Week

I jumped out of bed.


This was going to be an awesome day because it's my birthday and nobody could stop me!

Well, maybe my mother. But doesn't matter, it's still my birthday. I ran to the bathroom to take a shower. 

When I was finished, I threw on a red "Thing 1" tank top, ripped shorty-shorts and low red Vans. I let my hair in waves, like usual.  I applied some cherry chapstick and off I went downstairs to the kitchen

I walked in and all of a sudden, "SURPRISE!"

Mom, Tracy, Caleb (my best friends), Lucy, Annie, Martin (Few of the many maids and butlers) and my boyfriend were there. I covered my mouth, squealing. "Happy birthday, July!" they all shouted, making me laugh. Tracy came to give me a big, bear hug. "Happy birthday, love!"

I hugged her back, "Thank you!"

Caleb gave me a kiss on the cheek but Tracy let it go. I was waiting for a certain someone to give me my birthday present. I cleared my voice and turned my attention on Zayn. 

"Alright, alright." he chuckled. He came over tto me and held my waist. "Time to prove them," he whispered, our lips almost touching. I nodded and pressed my lips against his. Whoops and cheers erupted from everyone in the dining room. I eyed my mother to see her smile tearfully. I let go and curtsied. They all laughed. We took a seat beside each other.

On the table were sweet treats like donuts, cupcakes and muffins (sweet ones!). "The birthday chooses first," announced my mother catching Zayn trying to take a cupcake. I laughed and told him to get me the vanilla cupcake with pink frosting. He handed it to me. I took a bite of the cupcake. Everyone was watching me as I took my second bite. 

" guys can eat now." 

They sighed of relief and dug in. Especially Caleb. "So why didn't you tell us you were dating?" questioned mother. 

I just shrugged. 

"I don't know. I wish I told you but I was trying to find the right time-"

"Well, while you were trying to find the right time...the world found out." Tracy piped in, throwing me a magazine. 

It was a picture of me and Zayn when we were running away from the paparazzi. The headline was: 

"The Daughter of Queen Annalise spotted running away with Prince of Bradford, holding hands. Is there something we should know about?! P.45"

My eyes widened. Zayn's eyes were opened even wider. I flipped to page 45 and read the article where there was a different variety of pictures of us being seen together. One was a picture of us, on the motorcycle (but it was blurred. Told you were we too fast!), another where we running, and another where we were spotted together in the mall holding hands, while buying some Taco Bell. Yes, we did buy Taco Bell! It's normal. I started reading: 

"A New Royal Couple?

By: Kate Patterson

We all know the Will and Kate story and it will always be a treasure. But do we know the story of Zayn and July Dixon? Zayn Malik, 20, is the son of Duke Yaser and Duchess Trisha and holds the great title of the 'Bradford Bad Boy'...

"Bradford Bad boy? Seriously, dude?" I asked, giving him my famous "Really?" look.

"Whaaaat? Just keep reading." he said making me laugh.

I kept reading, 

"...and is known for sweeping ladies of their feet. In the past year, he's been caught with many, many princess (and some duchesses) and it surprises us to say that this one is a keeper! It seems like he's hiding her from the crowd of the world. Now the real question is: Are they going to last long enough to get married?

I stopped reading because honestly, I've read enough. 

I looked up to faces of disappointment and then I looked at Zayn. "Are we?" 

He parted his lips but nothing came out. Tears flooded my eyes. "Uhm...can I be excused?" My mother had a painful expression on her, but she let me go. I got up from the table and walked away.

Walked wherever I could hide my tears.

Beginning to cry, there was a hand on my shoulder. It was Zayn. He pulled me into his arms and  I just sobbed. He was stroking my hair, whispering to calm down. "It's like they're saying we won't last forever. Like you're going to break up with me any day now." I sobbed. 

" I can't. With other girls yes, but with you...never in a million years.(-sobs- I'm sorry I-I had to use that! -continues sobbing-) You're special.." he cooed, continuing to stroke my hair. 

He pulled me away from his chest and gripped my shoulders. 

"Don't worry. Don't listen to what they say. You're mine. And like Lana said, it's heaven is a place Earth with you (-still sobbing- Again I HAD TO! -sobbing-)"

Those words made me cry a little more. 

"Oh July..." he said softly, "Please stop crying. If I say three words I've been wanting to say to you since the day we started dating, will you stop crying?" I looked up at his gorgeous face and croaked, "Yes."

"I love you, July Dixon and all your perfect imperfections." 

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