You changed me.

Hey my name is Bella. Im 18 years old. Im from LA but i move to Canada because my mum got a job there oh and my dad is dead. I get bullied at my school... So read to find out more.


1. Chapter 1.

-Hey I'm Bella and I'm 18 years old.

My dad died when I was 6 in a car crash. I live with my mum and my brother Austin. Austin is 19 years old! Oh and I get bullied at my school by a gang.-

-Bella's Pov.-


"BIP BIP BIP" my annoying alarm woke me up. It was 7 am so it was time to get up and get ready.I walked over to my walk in closed and found a pair of skinny jeans and a black crop top that says "Dope". I took my clothes and walked over to the bed I showered and got changed. I did my make up witch was mascara eyeliner foundation and a bit blush. I walked down and took a apple and shouted "BYE MUM" I walked out and drived over to the school.

-skips the ride-

I walked out from the car and felt everybody's eyes on me. I'm used to it it happened everyday. I walked in and over to my locker. I took my books "great math" I whispered to my self. Suddenly somebody pushed me I looked back and saw the "gang" which was a guy named Justin and his friends and their two Barbie dolls. "Ooh look the little slut came today" Justin said "Bitch why don't u kill yourself!?" Brittany shouted she was one of the Barbie dolls. I could feel tears running down. So I ran over to the toilet. I took a deep breath and walked out. I walked over too my class and looked around. Great Justin is in there.

{hey guys!!xD this is my first movella so please if u have some tips or something just post a comment or something && I promise I will update soon!! Love youuu}

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