Surprise surprise!!

Just a normal HORRIBLE day at Ashcam for every one. The teachers say that they are going to have some new people coming today.Who could they be? Would it the best day of everyone's lives? You have to find out...


1. School

Olivia's P.O.V

A new day, a new HORRIBLE day. I've got to go to high school, they say that there is going to be some "new" people are coming. I think that there is going to be a circus or something. Imagine if - wait no... THAT would be a dream come true! I've got to get ready and have breakfast now. "MOM! What are we having 4 Breakfast?!"

(Gets to school) Nialls P.O.V

"Can't wait to go to Ascham ! Hope they have lots of good yummy food!" "I heard that there's a Directioner in that school." Says Liam camly. "Oh...does she know?" "Well I certainly don't!" Shouted Liam softly.

Olivia's P.O.V

-bell rings- Time for class...who are those "new" people coming? "Hello class, today we have some very special people coming! I would love to tell you but I can't! They are coming in 15 minutes. So I want this place as neat as can be!" " Yes Mrs Colette." Chorused the class. Except for me.

15 minutes later...

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