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A collection of Baby Niall One Shots


2. Interviews | Zouis

I have a request for you baby Niall...Zouis is Niall's fathers.Zayn and Louis have been married for four years have had Niall in their family for two years but they & Harry & Liam have been keeping it a secret for their fans but what happens if Niall during a interview goes in the stage and calls Zayn daddy and Louis papa?


            Niall giggled as Zayn tickled his tummy again, “Daddy stawp! Uwca Hawwy! Hep!”

            “Super Hazza!” Harry cried, plucking the little boy from “The Tickle Monster” and running around the room with him before falling on the couch. “Super Nialler! Are you okay!?”

            “Yesh!” Niall squealed, wiggling around as Harry placed kisses all over the little boy’s face.  “Hawwy! Dat tiwckles too!”

            “Sorry, Sweetheart!”

            “Papa!” Niall cried, childish laughter erupting from his mouth.  Louis chuckled and walked over to his son.

            “What’s up baby?” Louis cooed.

            “Cawn I hab some sweeties?” He asked innocently giving his father those irresistible puppy dog eyes; blue eyes sparkling.

            “Niall you know that its too late to…” Niall blinked his eye lashes. “Yeah just one though.”

            Niall cheered and ran to Paul telling him how papa said he could have a sweetie so he had to give niall one. To which the larger man just laughed and reached in the top cabinet, getting a little piece of chocolate. Niall let out a little “thank you” before running to his coloring book and beginning to color.

            “Niall, you have to stay with Lou until later… Can you do that for Papa?” Louis asked the two year old. Niall looked nodded at him absentmindedly, concentrating on the coloring book he held on his lap.  Louis looked to Lou for confirmation that she would watch the toddler and the woman nodded with a smile.

            “We’ll be fine, Louis!” Lou waved him off.

            “I’m going now NiNi…” Louis said sadly, disappointed to leave his son as usual.

            Niall looked up with a goofy smile, “Papa!”

            “Ah! I love you Honey. I’ll see you later kay?”

            “Wha’ bout Daddy?” Niall asked, looking for his black haired father.

            “Daddy’s already on stage, love.”

            “He no say bye bye?” The 2 year old questioned, sadness evident in his voice.

            “Sorry, NiNi…” Louis said, kissing the boy on the head. “He’ll see you after.”

            “Otay, Papa.” Niall reached for his dummy and placed it in his mouth. “Wub ‘ou. Buh bye.”

            Louis kissed him again and smiled at the little boy before heading off stage.  Two years. Two years they had been a family: Him, Niall, and Zayn.  In secret of course. They were not ready for Niall to deal with the press, the screaming fans, the paps. 


            “Ladies and Gentlemen, ONE DIRECTION!” Ellen said happily. The crowd cheered and the boys sat, squished together, on the undersized couch. Everything was going swell backstage until Niall got antsy.  So he decided to go see his daddies, they liked to play with him, right?

            “Yeah… I’m not single…” Niall heard Zayn’s voice and followed it to a stage. Hmm? Why were they on a stage? And why were they all squished? Niall shrugged and toddled over to his daddies.

            “Daddy!” Niall squealed, clinging to Zayn’s leg. All five boys in one direction stood shocked upon the toddler’s entrance.

            “NiNi! How’d you get here?”            Louis asked in shock.

            “Da doow Papa!” Niall replied cheekily, smiling at Harry. He was suddenly lifted up and into Zayn’s arms.

            “Well… this is Louis and my son… and … yeah… We’re together.. like dating. And we’d like  it if you all could respect and except us…”

            There were screams of Zouis from the crowd causing them to blush. Niall just snuggled into Zayn’s chest, sucking his thumb silently as the interview continued on.

            Louis smiled and looked to Zayn both thinking the same thing.

            “We have a perfect little family.”



            Keep requesting please!!!

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