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4. Abused Part 2 | Lilo feat. baby Zayn

Louis gets arrested, the twins get taken away and Liam goes mental, so hes gotta go to rehab, and then someone maybe josh adopts the twins after finding out that they were gonna get separate, then months later Liam is realised from rehab, he gets the twins back and become friends with Josh, maybe boyfriends if you want, and they all find out that Louis got 10 years for abusing the twins, fluffy ending thanks<----my idea for part two(: Thanks(: xx"

"And they should become friends with danielle eleanor and andy :)"


I combined 2 prompts together guys… sorry.


            “You can’t take them!” Liam cried desperately. “They’re my children! You can’t take them from me! Please! YOU CAN’T TAKE THEM! YOU CAN NOT TAKE MY CHILDREN!”

            The social services woman sighed, “Sir, you’re not fit to be taking care of two children, much less toddlers. I’m sorry.”

            The man from the London Rehab Center nodded in agreement, “Look, Mr. Payne, if you love your children, really love them, then you’ll want the best for them. And right now, you’re not in the right mindset to be taking care of children…”

            Liam let out a sob and looked up at the social services woman sadly, “C- Can I say good… Can I say goodbye to my boys? Please ma’am… they need to know their Daddies love them…”

            The woman nodded at him, pity evident in her eyes, “Of course you can Mr. Payne… That’s not a problem.”

            Liam was led to a room where Niall and Zayn were sitting silently, waiting for their father to return. Niall had a bright green cast on his arm and bruises littered his tiny body making Liam feel sick.   Before going in he looked at the woman,

            “When I- When I come out… When I get better… C- Can I… Can I have them back? Can I have my babies back?” Liam whimpered.

            The woman bit her lip in indecisiveness, “If, if, they still choose to live with you when you get out. If they still- um- remember. Then, and only then, will you be able to regain custody of the children… Agreed?”

            Liam nodded desperately, “Okay… Okay…” He entered the room and the twins looked up at him, eyes lighting up.

            “Daddy!” They cried, attacking him with hugs.

            Liam bent down and embraced them tightly, “Boys…?”

            “Yes, Daddy?” Niall answered.

            “Daddy has to go for a little bit… You’re not going to see me for a while…”

            Zayn looked at him in confusion, “Awe we comin’ witf ‘ou?”

            “No, baby, you’re not…”

            “Awe we gowna swee ‘ou ‘gain?” He asked.

            “If you remember me. If you want to.”

            “We awads wiw, Daddy. We wub ‘ou.” Niall replied.

            “I love you guys too.” Liam looked at Niall. “Ni, baby, I love you so much… I’ll think about you every day. Your brother too, okay? I’ll see you again, not long from now. I love you, and don’t forget that… Okay Ni?”
            Niall nodded and hugged his father tightly.  Liam then turned to Zayn,

            “Zaynie… Take care of your brother. Take care of each other.  Zayn I love you. Please, please never forget me. Okay?”

            Zayn nodded tearfully and joined the group hug.  After two minutes of hugging Liam stood wiping tears from his eyes,

            “I love you boys… I’ll see you soon.”

            Niall lunged at his father, grabbing hold of his leg, “Daddy! Down’t gow buh bye! Don’ wanna say buh bye! Pwease Don’ weab us! We wub ou!”

            “I’ll be back….”

            “Don’ ‘ou wub us?” Niall sobbed, making Liam’s heart clench. “Why don’ ou wub us no more?”

            Liam bent down and gasped, “Now you listen here, love, I will always love you. Both of you. I still do, and I always will. You’re my babies. Okay? This is not goodbye… this is… see you later okay?”

            “O- Otay…” Niall whimpered, letting go of his leg. “Swee ‘ou water.”

            Zayn stepped forward and embraced Niall closely,

            “I wiww twake cawe ob NiNi…” Zayn said bravely.

            “Thanks Zaynie…” Liam kissed Niall on the head, then continued on to kiss Zayn as well.

            “I love you boys so much, never forget that okay?”  Liam whispered. “So, so much.”



Niall just whimpered as his new foster father attempted to touch him. Niall stuck his thumb in his mouth and continued to whimper,

“Zayine don’ weab.” Niall whispered, clutching his twin’s hand. “Pwease don’ weabe. Nowt wike daddy.”

Andy, the other social worker, watched with tear filled eyes. He had to do something.

“Honey,” The other social worker, Caroline, said softly. “We can’t find a parent who will foster both of you… I wish I could.”

“I will!” Andy choked out. “I’ll take them both just … please, please, please, don’t split them up!”

“Andy?” Caroline gasped. “You’re joking.”

“I’m not. I’m not joking. I want to foster them until their father gets out of the institute.”

“Fine. Fine. Fine. Fine.”

“Mista… Awe ‘ou gonna tawke ma bwuder away?” Niall asked quietly.

“No way buddy… You’re both coming home with me…” Andy promised. “Together.”


Three months later, Liam, Andy Niall and Zayn were all sitting on the couch together, snuggling watching Nemo.

“Daddy?” Niall yawned tiredly.

“Yes, love?”

“Tomowwa? Couwd we gow to Nandows?” The soon to be three year old asked sleepily.

Zayn nodded in agreement, “I wike chiwken.”

“I guess that can be arranged.”

“Cwould auwnti Dani come too?” He asked. Coincidently, Andy and Liam had gotten custody of the two children after meeting. Now the two were recently married.  Danielle, who happened to be andy’s sister, was really close with Zayn where as Niall remains a daddy’s boy.

Andy chuckled and nodded, “I’ll call her.”


Liam pecked andy on the lips, “I’m glad we met.”

“I love you, Li.”

“Love you too.”

Niall frowned at them, “Where’s my kiwss?”



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