You found me

This is a walking dead fan fiction, including the characters of the show and some of my own characters I have developed.

*So far what I have*

Our main character Sarah goes off on her own to get medical supplies for her group, she struggles upon a few challenges along the way back and gets a lift from a devious character, who comes off as quite a prick. He leaves as soon as he drops her off and one of the camp leaders who is a doctor gets into some trouble of his own and a distraught decision has to be made and fast.

I'm making this up as I go along since it is one of my first fan fictions ever.


1. Medical Supplies

I ran and ran from these disgusting, vile, creatures as fast and as far as my legs could carry me, they were all snarling and growling so loudly I could barley hear myself think. I reached a safe looking alley way and killed three of the creatures with my knife. I held my gun in my hand and peaked out from the wall I was hiding behind to see if any where coming my way. There was a giant mob or so of them, maybe about 100 possibly more. I figured if I shot one, it wouldn't make any difference what so ever to them. I needed to get away from them, into the hospital to get my medical supply's then back to my camp to save people. Save people who've been hurt, not bitten from these deadly creatures. I was scared, but I needed to make my way back to the doors of the hospital, but there were so many of them. I ran down the alley way and into a clearing behind the building. I saw that the creatures were running off into a different direction then to where I needed to go, so I took my chances and began to run and run and run. I saw one of them creeping up behind me just as I started to near the hospital. I turned around and shot it straight on in the head. Just as it fell to the ground I saw the other creatures begin running towards me. I ducked inside the hospital and closed the doors as tight as I could and slowly crept down the hallway. My gun was raised and I was ready to shot anything that came near me.

This hospital was deserted, the diseased were everywhere. Lying all over the floor, blood splattered in patterns on the wall. It was a wreck, no one that was in this hospital made it out alive.

I crept down the dark looming hallway, my gun ready to shoot anything that may attack. I was careful to be quiet as I could. I entered a staircase located at the end of the hallway, careful to look around as I entered.

I decided to go up the stairs and look for supplies and make my way down if necessary, there were no live creatures in the building so far but I didn't let my guard down.

I finally made it to a medical supply room and stuffed as much as I could into my large backpack. I needed medicine, bandages, a few syringes, IV bag, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, and a thermometer. I really should have brought someone else with me since there was so much stuff to carry and I didn't think it would all fit but gratefully it did.

As I shoved the last of my supplies into my bag I heard a loud thud behind me coming behind the door, I immediately jumped up and aimed my gun just in case. I heard grunting and moaning coming from it, I hid behind a chair as quietly as I could to keep from making noise. The grunting and moaning got louder so I aimed my gun at the door. The creatures started to scratch at the door, and it was starting to open from them pushing at it, there must have been 20 or so. I was prepared for anything, even jumping out the nearest window if I had to.

I backed away slowly towards the door on the other side of the room, I had no idea where it lead but I knew I needed to get out of there before the creatures began to enter.

As I stood up ready to run with my back pack over my shoulders and my gun in my hand, I ended up knocking over a heavy piece of metal which crashed with a terribly loud and haunting THUD to the ground. The creatures began to moan and growl louder and louder and finally one made its way through the small opening.

I was terrified at this point, the door was quite far awhile where I was hiding, and it would come after me if I decided to run. As well as the others would find their way in and I couldn't take them all on at once cornered in this room.

I got up and aimed at the creatures head and shot it, it fell to the ground and a barricade of the others burst in and I ran towards the window, tripping on a cord on the ground and falling hard to my feet.

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