You found me

This is a walking dead fan fiction, including the characters of the show and some of my own characters I have developed.

*So far what I have*

Our main character Sarah goes off on her own to get medical supplies for her group, she struggles upon a few challenges along the way back and gets a lift from a devious character, who comes off as quite a prick. He leaves as soon as he drops her off and one of the camp leaders who is a doctor gets into some trouble of his own and a distraught decision has to be made and fast.

I'm making this up as I go along since it is one of my first fan fictions ever.


2. Accident In The Sunset

They were getting closer, and closer to me. They hadn't seen me yet, so I started crawling towards the window which was close. I stood up and looked behind me, they had seen me and were snarling loudly and getting closer. I looked out the window; it was a two story fall. There was a ledge not that far down but I would have to drop my bag to the ground in order to get to it. I didn't have enough time left, I tried to open the window but it was stuck. I pushed it up as hard as could and just as a creature made its way over to me it opened and stuck my head out the window. I saw the ledge and through my bag down to the ground. I went out back first carefully and dropped down to the ledge. Just as I was about to let go a creature grabbed my arm and went to bite it but luckily I fell before it got the chance to.

I hopped down onto my feet and my ankle gave way in the process, shooting pain up my back making me scream quite loudly. I looked up and saw that one of the creatures was leaning out the window and it could fall at any moment. So ignoring my pain the best I could I hopped off the ledge and onto the ground which seemed to be clear of creatures at that moment.

I grabbed my bag off the ground, and put it on my back. I felt around for my gun, it was nowhere to be seen. I had forgotten it in the room where the medical supplies where, there was no way I was going back for it. I had my knife I knew how to kill them. I crept alongside of the building and made my way to the side and peered out at the open field. There were dozens of them; there was no way I was going to make it back to my group with just a knife.

I slowly walked back to the car I had parked which was by a gas station; if I could make it to my car without being touched I could make it back to my group. I turned around suddenly, there was a creature facing me. It lunged towards me and I stabbed it in the head with my knife. It fell to the ground and I began to walk as fast as I could back to my car.

I opened the door to my, blue car I found on the highway a few weeks back. It was in nice shape, so I was quite impressed by that. I didn't have my licence but I did know how to drive. I guess that’s all that really matters in this world now.

I grew up in a house hold where you had to teach yourself how to do anything, such as simple things like cleaning and cooking. I did everything for myself. My father was a lazy, fat, drunk man. He didn't do anything but abuse my older brother and I. My mother died when I was 3, she was hit by a transport. My father? Well he didn't make it past the first day of the outbreak. He had chooses to stay in his basement and drink himself to death while me and my brother ran for our lives alone. I was kind of happy about that, but now all I have left is my brother, who was never really there either and my best friend Savannah and Leanne. We have a nice group of people, that we found when we were out alone about 20 or so. We don’t really talk to them though except if we need anything. I'm not really the type to make friends; I'm much more independent and prefer to do things on my own. I have my walls up, and it takes a lot to break them down. This is why I decided to take this run on my own, except now I am wishing I had my gun.

I drove along the highway back towards our camp site eager to bring the supplies back and help the injured children and survivors.

All of a sudden three creatures walked in front of the car, and I slammed on the breaks but I still hit them, and the car flew to the side of the road. The side window shattered as the car flipped, and I fell and smashed my face on the ground. Everything eased into darkness.

I woke up from passing out moments later, the car was totalled. I was in pain, and my face was scratched up badly from the crash. It was getting dark too; I would never make it back without my gun. I looked out the window and opened the door to the car, and climbed out grabbing the bag as I leapt to the ground ignoring the pain in my left ankle.

The sun was just starting to set along the horizon, the view was quite breathtaking. If only I could be enjoying this view from my own home.

That life was gone now.

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