Mah Roes

This is the re-created story of 'I want Mah Roes back', an adorable little cartoon I have found on tumblr (The cartoon is based on something called 'I want my hat back').


1. Roes Is Gone

One lovely morning, the 10th Doctor woke up all alone in his TARDIS. No Roes with him. The Doctor turned sad.

"Where is mah Roes?" The 10th Doctor thought to himself.


The 10th Doctor started looking all over the TARDIS. All 500 floors.

Well, not the 500th, but all the rest 499 floors. But no Roes.

It made the 10th Doctor even sadder.

So, taking a spur-in-the-moment decision, the 10th Doctor decided to take a visit to Cardiff, to see if Roes where hiding there.

The TARDIS' engine roared to life, and made its swooshing sound as it landed right in the middle of Cardiff Town Square.

Meanwhile, in the Torchwood Dungeon, Captain Jack Harkness were working his arse off, trying to find the missing Orgling Fairy on the metro-radar.


Captain Jack Harkness heard the wooshing sound of the TARDIS hitting the ground above him. Dashing up from his chair, Captain Jack Harkness took the invisible elevator up to the Town Square above him.

There it stood! All little and blue, with the phone-cord swaying in the small breezes.

"DOCTOR! DOCTOR!" Captain Jack Harkness yelled.

The 10th Doctor, who had been sulking about the square, looking underneath flower pots and tables, looked up to see Captain Jack Harkness come running against him, his arms wide open.

The 10th Doctor was engulfed in the strong, coat-slathered arms of Captain Jack Harkness.

"What a wonderful joy to see you here Doctor, what brings us this pleasure?!" Captain Jack Harkness said jovially, while strangling the 10th Doctor in his body odour. His heavenly body odour.

The 10th Doctor sulked some more in Captain Jack Harkness' chest, before asking; "Have you seen mah Roes?".

Captain Jack Harkness pulled away, and looked him gravely in the eyes; "No, I have not seen your Rose" Captain Jack Harkness' american accent latched over his words, as he once again felt the emptiness that only accompanied him whenever he knew his Doctor could never belong to him.

The 10th Doctor shrugged solemnly, and muttered an "Okay. Thank you anyway".

Captain Jack Harkness watched with great sorrow as his Doctor walked back to his TARDIS, to continue on his quest for Rose

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