My name is Carter Matthews. I'm 17 years old and incredibly strong(that's what people have told me). I have shoulder length, straight, black hair. And when I save the Niall Horan from two guys trying to hurt him, he wants to hire me as a body guard. But along the way... I feel something... not just a friendship... but something more...
A British_Carrot Copywrite
(c)Prince Republic Stories2014


1. Prologue

{Carter's POV}

My name is Carter Matthews. I'm 17 years old. I have black hair and I have icy blue eyes. And all you need to know for now is that I work for one direction. I've never been that much of a one direction fan, never really saw what was such a big deal about them. They're just a couple of guys that sing songs with their friends. I just don't get it...


{Niall's POV}

My name is Niall Horan. I'm 20 years old. I have blonde hair and icy blue eyes. I'm a member in the popular boy band one direction. I'm still looking for the right girl. Zayn keeps telling me that the girl will come along one day. Easy for him to say! He's engaged! But, I can't help but think that he's right. Maybe the right girl is closer than I think...


{Zayn's POV}

Niall keeps telling me that maybe he's not "cut out" for a girlfriend and to fall in love and start a family. I think he's wrong. I KNOW he's wrong. But whatever, he'll be proved wrong someday. Cause I KNOW that he'll find the right girl.


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