My name is Carter Matthews. I'm 17 years old and incredibly strong(that's what people have told me). I have shoulder length, straight, black hair. And when I save the Niall Horan from two guys trying to hurt him, he wants to hire me as a body guard. But along the way... I feel something... not just a friendship... but something more...
A British_Carrot Copywrite
(c)Prince Republic Stories2014


5. 4)Secrets

{Liam's POV}

When Carter sat down, I made her tell me why she ran out like that. I had to stand in front of the door so she couldn't get out. She was crying so I knelt down to be eye level with her and wiped away her tears with my thumb.

"Okay," she said, "my mom and dad aren't exactly the nicest people in the world." I looked at her confused, so she went on. "My mom and dad are alcoholics so they're drunk a lot. My mom abuses me and my dad doesn't do anything about it" I interrupted her.

"Why doesn't he do anything?!" I yelled. Carter hid her face in her hands and I pulled them away slowly. "Come on, don't cry, go on,"

"He says that I was a mistake and that I deserve to be beaten" Carter said.

"But if your parents beat you then why do you want to go back?"

"Because of Sara"

"Who's Sara?"

"She's my four year old sister. My parents said that if I do anything that they don't like, they'll kill her. I made that deal with them because I never do stuff like this and I never break curfew! Now I have to get back or... Or...." She started to cry and put her face in her hands again.

"Carter, it'll be okay. I'll find a way to help you and your sister"

"How?" She said in between sobs. I sat next to her and put my arm around her. She put her head on my shoulder and I shifted myself so that I could hug her.

"We're gonna get your sister out of that house"

"My parents will find us" she said in between sobs.

"We'll find a way" I kissed her forehead and I took her hand and walked down the hallway.


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