Olly the world's most ADORABLE dog.Soon Emily and Olly become the best of friends.Together they're inseparable and certainly unstoppable.One day her neighbours announce that they're moving and will have to sell Olly to hire the wedding van.Emily has one month to earn enough money to keep a man's,ahem!A lady's best friend.Can Emily do it?Maybe with some help she can...


1. Welcome Home.Oh It's You.Go Away!

"I'm not going!"I roared,but it was all in vain.I could never change my mum's mind when she was all serious like that.It was official.I was going to spend the next three months of my life at a disgusting farm!It wouldn't be fun having my birthday among sheep especially if they make me work.Working would totally ruin my nails.

Before I went to my soft,comfortable(a.k.a non-farm-like) bed I started packing my bags.Well bag since my mum got angry at me for packing six bags.How else was I supposed to take my clothes with me?Fashion is a definite must,hon?With my bag full of my other essentials (dresses,jeans,my zebra print purse,my phone and SHOES!!!) I was almost ready to go. 

At the crack of dawn my mum woke me up.

"Good morning!"she said attempting to tickle me.Bad luck mum,I'm not ticklish!

"What's so good about it?" I asked taking off my hairnet(Messy hair is a big no no sister!).

I wore a sailor's dress and matching red and blue heels after my shower.My mum let me have a bite to eat of my famous omelette and then bundled me into her yellow Toyota (So last year mum!).The roads were bumpy and tears were in my eyes as mum drove by my favourite shops.

Soon my mum stopped at a thatched cottage,the colour of the bricks totally clashed with my dress!After about 10 minutes of pulling my mum finally managed to get me out of the car and onto the doorstep.My bag weighed my down and I was reluctant to smile.

A plump woman with a cooking apron over her house gown walked out.

"Oh Barbara!Welcome to my humble home!And Emily dear my how you've grown!!"she smiled exchanging hugs with my mum.

"Hello Aunt Mavis."I said in a robotic voice,earlier mum had threatened to send me to Australia on a ship if I didn't at least greet properly.In case she didn't notice people didn't drop criminals off in Australia anymore.Even so,her threat worked.

Aunt Mavis lead us into her cosy,small house that smelled of farm animals.Yes,nothing said home sweet home like a cow-scented rug.She let us sit down in her living room,it looked like something out of a storybook.An old storybook.No TV in sight,how did these people survive?

"For entertainment out in the countryside we read and work!No ridiculous things like internet and TV out here!"Aunt Mavis smiled,reading my mind.

I felt my soul slowly dying inside.Mum saw my look of agony and decided to leave before my eyes guilt-tripped her.

"Got to dash!Don't want the dad waking up to an empty bed!"she yelled, walking out the door.

I refused to say goodbye,I couldn't believe she could do that to her own flesh and blood.What kind of mother was she?

"Come on Emily!I'll show you to your room so you can drop your bag?"I followed Aunt Mavis quietly up the steps.

My bedroom was more like a bed-cupboard than a bedroom.Honestly it was the size of a shoe box.There was a single bed with plain sheets tucked into a corner,a small piece of cloth in the middle of the room which I think was supposed to be a rug and a pretty big window with a great view .

Apart from them the "room" was empty.When I thought things couldn't get any worse,it smelt like pigs of many generations had lived there before me.Despite my usual cheek I nodded my head feverishly when she asked if I liked it.

After showing me my room Aunt Mavis left to prepare lunch,I would have offered to help but I was too busy looking out the giant window.I could see for miles o.k,maybe not miles but you get the general idea.I could see an apple orchard,horse stables,sheep pens,authentic red barns,chicken coops and grass.Grass everywhere. 

I was from the loud,busy city where cars drove up and down streets day and night.It was full of people striding up and down on every path.I was from the city where you were lucky to see a flower growing in your garden.Scratch that.Where you were lucky to have a garden, which I didn't.

Yes,it was a drastic change for me.

Note to self:Study for End of Year Test so that mum doesn't send you away to a farm again.

I wasn't going to like working,I mean my shoes would get totally ruined!Wait!What if I suddenly start getting into dungarees and ugly black wellies like some fashion reject farmer type.

Hello farm life here I come!

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