1. Frost.

The sky held nothing but the blank white page, absorbed entirely by the falling snow. The entire nothingness of snow had always calmed me, called to me even, told me to follow it and explore the frozen adventures it held. But not today. Today was different. I had always been alone, but today I had him beside me.

As we walked across the frost, our feet crunching towards the ever growing forest, we did not know if we'd return. The opportunities and the choices were endless. We'd finally found out why we'd both always been drawn to the snow, and why we'd always felt so isolated from other people. We were both like the snow, isolating and cold, leaving everyone but each other on the outside. It was because we were part of it, together.

The snow had called to us, his pin pricking voice rising from the white blanket that covered the forest, telling us to come nearer, come to him. So that was what we were doing. Hand in hand, body to body, we were walking to him, our leader, our God, our spirit. Because we both had finally understood, we'd been inhabited by the winter spirits since our birth. We'd been drawn together by this indistinguishable pull, not knowing why we both found each other so enticing, but it was this final snow fall which had intensified our love; our connection.

Which was when he came to us, the frost, he came to us and told us our true identities. The chosen ones, the ones chosen to do his bidding, the last remaining winter spirits the earth had. We were the most important humans in the history of humanity, he'd said, his whispering voice shivering across my skin, sending goosebumps up my neck. He curled his words around my neck, my hair freezing as he did so, whispering to me that I was to be the new Queen, the new leader once the frost had taken over. Once his wintery rule had descended.

I was destined to become the Snow Queen, and my lover the Snow King. We would rule for the frost, rule our dictatorial kingdom with our cold love, freezing any creative nature, any thoughts which would overthrow us. And if someone did escape our cold grasp, we would freeze them lividly to ice, so they would seem stone like. Motionless figures in a world so cold already. It sounded like heaven on earth.

So we walked, our hards entwined, my fur hat and coat giving me the last bit of heat I would feel ever again, into the Frost's domain, with my cold icicle of a heart hungry for power.

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