Oblivion (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

The way flames destroy, sought to demolish anything in their path. They leave memories in oblivion; to be forgotten once something new comes into one's life. However, no matter how good or bad these memories were, they never seemed to leave his mind, our minds.


1. Prologue

The entrance doors of the emergency room swung open, revealing the swift movements of nurses and doctors rushing to attend those in need of medical attention.

I wanted to see him, I wanted to make sure he was safe. That's all I needed to do.

I should have been there with him. This was all too dangerous, I couldn't handle it again. He knew of my fear of speed, but he believed I was strong enough to overcome it. He had asked me to ride passenger, but I refused, I refused, I refused. If I hadn't, he would not have been the only one suffering, we'd be together, getting through it together. I should have stopped him when I had the chance. He could've stopped racing weeks ago, not having to rely on the decisions his uncle made for him. His uncle, Jonny, was responsible for this mess, pressuring Harry into all of this.

"Beth, this way!" Stacy shouted as we ran through the hallways of the crowded lobby, bumping into the shoulder of a man, worry being the only expression in his brown eyes. I apologized before turning my attention back to the path in front of me.

We finally reached what seemed to be the assistance section of the ER.

"Yes, I'm here fo-" I said to the nurse at the front desk, before being interrupted by the sound of the sliding-doors, belonging to the entrance for the patients brought in by the ambulance vans.

I looked back, to see the familiar pair of ambulance drivers. They held on to a gurney, calling for assistance. That's when I saw him, his brown curls were drenched in sweat, sticking to his forehead and neck, no longer quiffed up at the front. The viens on his neck, prominently showing with every cry of pain he'd release from his chapped lips. Patches of clothing seemed to be missing, showing bare skin, even flesh, peeking through the holes. His face and arms were covered with what seemed like ash. His hands tensed up and stiffened as the nurses began to try and rip apart the clothing covering the burns left upon his body. The sight before me triggered more pain in my chest, with water filling my worn out eyes once again.

I rushed through the groups of people that stood in-between, wanting to just hold him and tell him that everything was going to be alright. Something he would usually do, no matter how small the gesture was, it always helped.

"Harry!" I shouted, trying to make way through the bodies that distanced us. It was no use, the gurney was being lead into the opposite direction. I soon met his gaze, his eyes bloodshot, yet showing the tint of green his eyes had always showcased.

I was pushed back by the arms of one of the security guards, falling into the arms of my friend, Stacy. We watched as the gurney was pulled through the doors of the upcoming hallway. Harry's pain-filled cries filled the walls of the emergency room.

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