Only you can save me

"You need to come home love." He says, his eyes turning a light, sympathetic blue. "What home? There all dead. I have no one now." I state, my voice catching in my throat on the last sentence. "We can help you. You still have a chance to be saved?" He says that, but is sounded like more of a question. "No." I say lightly as the tears begin to fall. "Only you can save me...."


1. #1

Life was cold and dark. Death is a new beginning. 

One minute I was completely normal, the next I'm on the floor screaming in pain as all of my bones break and bend in all the wrong directions. Then I can't see any thing. I just have this urge to kill and destroy. I mean I can see, but everything's different. I can see way into the distance, and spot even the slightest of movements. I can even hear them. Smell the being of which its coming from.


I am a hunter and the world is my prey.

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