His Other Side

Hope was always the quiet girl at school. Since her mom died, she stopped talking to people and started to self harm, thinking this was the only way to solve her problems. She never really spoke to anyone and hardly had any friends. The one person that she really wished she could speak to was Louis. He was the most amazing boy in the whole school... But he was a 'Popular' so he would never even think of speaking to a geek like her. He wasn't mean to her, he just did not a knowlage he existence and just completely ignored her. When Hope comes into school on a Saturday to help one of her teachers, she spots someone who reminds her a lot of Louis. He has no tattoos, no piercings and has the sweetest attitude. He seamed like a great guy. He called himself Lewis and they start to get along really well. But is Lewis who he says he is?


2. Work Out.

I left Liam at the gates to go my own way home. Today had been a great day, and I hadn't been able to say that since my mom was alive. I tried to walk home quickly, so I could just go and relax. When I finally reached the dive to my house, my dads car wasn't there. Typical. He didnt really care too much about me now. But I had Liam. And I'm sure we would get on fine. I carefully unlocked the door and slipped inside. I threw my bag by the front door and went to just lay on the sofa. I couldn't believe that I actually had someone who understood how I felt, who didn't like the names, who stuck up for me, who only met me today! I laughed to myself and could feel myself drifting off to sleep. I must have napped for a long time, because when I woke up, I was still in my shoes, coat and gloves, it was dark outside and my dad had just pulled up. I sprinted into the kitchen and started to rummaged through the fridge, looking for something to cook for tea. My dad always made me cook, but I didn't mind. The door unlocked and I heard my dads heavy boots dragging around the front room. "Hey dad." I called from the kitchen. He just groaned in response and I continued to find something for dinner. I decided that we didn't have any food that was worth cooking, so I headed out to the shop.

I walked there, since I hadn't learnt how to drive yet, and it didn't take me long. I stalked around the isles and picked out things for the next weeks dinner. I was about to go and pay when I crashed into someone. I was very clumsy today! I looked up and almost melted. "Sorry" Louis gasped as he saw me. "I-it's fine." I stuttered, feeling awfully lightheaded. I went to walk straight past him, but he stopped me. "How come I've never spoken to you before?" He asked slyly. "Because no one talks to me." I said quickly as I tried to push past him again. He just held out a highly tattooed arm and stopped me once again. "And whys that?" He asked curiously. "I don't know! Maybe cause they think I'm a wanna be!" I said, getting a little worked up. This time I succeeded in pushing past him. I walked to the till, paid and left swiftly. As I walked back home, I saw Liam walking down the road too, his headphones lost in his ears. As he passed me, I tapped his shoulder and pulled out an earphone. He turned straight away and looked startled. "Oh. It's just you!" He gasped. "That's a friendly way to greet someone." I smiled sarcasticly. "Where are you going?" I asked him, spotting the gym bag over his shoulder. "The Gym." He smiled, "Boxing." "I bet your awesome." I complimented him. "You can come watch if you like?" He suggested kindly. "I will, if you let me take these bags home first?" I giggled. He followed me back to my house and I raced inside. "HOPE! I've got a friend coming over so make yourself useful and clear off for a while!" My dad called as I grabbed my coat. "Already out the door!" I yelled back. I jogged down to Liam waiting at the bottom of the drive. "Let's go!" I smiled. We walked for a while, util we reached the local gym. We climbed upto the third floor and Liam showed me the way. It was a deserted boxing area. Liam sat me on the side and started to get ready. He pulled his t shirt over his head, revealing a long line of muscles down his torso. I was a little shocked at how beautiful they were. He then pulled out some boxing gloves and started to practice.

After about half an hour of practice, Liam called me up to see if I wanted a go. I reluctantly stepped up to the punching bag, and Liam passed me his gloves. I started to attack the bag, and ended it with a good, hard kick. "Wow!" Liam's said, taken aback. "You should take up boxing.. It might help you." He suggested. "Help me what?" I asked, panting a little. "With the whole bullying situation.." He whispered. I shook my head, though I was considering it...

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