His Other Side

Hope was always the quiet girl at school. Since her mom died, she stopped talking to people and started to self harm, thinking this was the only way to solve her problems. She never really spoke to anyone and hardly had any friends. The one person that she really wished she could speak to was Louis. He was the most amazing boy in the whole school... But he was a 'Popular' so he would never even think of speaking to a geek like her. He wasn't mean to her, he just did not a knowlage he existence and just completely ignored her. When Hope comes into school on a Saturday to help one of her teachers, she spots someone who reminds her a lot of Louis. He has no tattoos, no piercings and has the sweetest attitude. He seamed like a great guy. He called himself Lewis and they start to get along really well. But is Lewis who he says he is?


3. Wanna Be.

I invited Liam back to mine for a while, once he was finished his practice. He seamed a bit un easy at first, but I reminded him that we were friends, and I had never had a friend before. When I got home, my dads car was gone once again, but I didn't bother to question it. I guided Liam inside and into the sitting room. "Want something to drink?" I called, as I entered the kitchen to grab some water. "Sure." Liam called back. I brought him a can of Pepsi Max into the living room and settled down next to him. "It strange, feels like we've known each other for ages." I mused to myself. "We only met today." Liam realised out loud. I was so grateful that I'd met Liam. He was really nice and I couldn't help but forget my problems when I was around him. "Hey, not to drop out on you or anything, but I think I should leave." Liam said, looking a little pale. "Why?" I asked, studying him closely. "I've been feeling a little icky and I don't want to throw chunks all over your carpet." He smiled. "Pleasant." I noted. Liam gave me a hug before leaving, and I just went and pouted in my room. For about half an hour, I just lay there staring at the ceiling. I started to imagine what it would be like if me and Liam got close. Maybe too close. My thoughts averted to things that I didn't dare think about. Razors. Cuts. Scars. I couldn't over power the will to drag myself off to the blade in my on suite bathroom. I reluctantly stalked over to the sink and snatched a clean razor off the side. Why did I do this? It was painful. It scarred. It didn't look nice. It made people hate me. Yet I still did it. I took in a quick breath and slid the object across my bare wrist. I let out a little whimper, but continued. There were about five slash marks now, each one pouring with blood. I reached for a bandage out the cupboard, and wrapped it around them. Five was the limit. Well, for today at least. I slumped back over to my bed and pulled my headphones off the night stand. I already had my Avril Lavigne playlist on shuffle, so I slipped the headphones over my ears and pressed play, drifting asleep to 'GoodBye'

The next morning, I got up rather early. It was too early to start getting ready for school, so I just decided to head down stairs and watch a little music TV. As I walked into the living room, I was greeted by a rather happy looking father and a black haired woman I had never seen before. "Hello Darling!" My dad smiled. Woah! Something must be seriously up! My dad hadn't been this nice to me since my mom was alive! "This is Anne. She might be staying with us for a while. You don't mind do you?" He asked politely. I shook my head and smiled at Anne. She held her hand out and I introduced myself. "I'm Hope. Nice to meet you." I grinned. "What a beautiful name!" Anne complimented. "My mother picked it." I said, glancing at the floor, memories of my mother flooding back. I dashed back upstairs and thought that maybe it wasn't too early to get ready for school. I ran around my room, grabbing clothes. I pulled on my light blue jeans, and converse pumps. I sling on a fluffy black jumper and rolled the sleeves upto my elbows, showing off my bandage. I let my blonde hair loose down my back, and tamed it with a comb. I slipped a nose ring around my nostril and added a little make up. I skipped down the stairs and out the front door, when I saw a farmilliar face waiting at the end of the drive. "Liam!" I smiled. He looked surprised at the sight of me and embraced me in a hug. "Woa! Hope you look stunning!" He said. "Thank you." I said, a little flattered. I linked my arm with his and we trotted off to school.

Liam hadn't noticed my bulky bandage all day, until we were sitting At lunch. Liam and I were just talking, when Louis, Harry, Becky and Jessica came over to us. Louis and Becky seamed to look laid back, but nervous at the same time, where as Harry and Jessica looked feendishly evil. Oh no. "Oh look who it is. Hope. The wanna be Louis!" Jessica tormented. I just looked down, avoiding eye contact with her and Liam. "Why do you even try Hope?" Harry scoffed. "Louis would never like you! You've only ever had one friend in your whole life and you only met him yesterday!" My breathing started to become un easy. I could take them insulting me, but not Liam. Just then, Jessica spotted my bandage having out of my sleeve. "Oh. What's this?" She asked sarcasticly. Please no. Not that. I screwed my eyes shut and waited for the pain. She tugged on the bandage and it ripped off, making a loud ripping noise and sending vibes of pain shooting down my wrist. I but my tongue to stop myself from screaming as the cold air made its way into my deep wounds. "Wow! Now you cut! Is that just for attention!" Harry teased. If only he knew. I looked up at Liam, who's face was blank. I could tell he didn't approve of my scars, or the way Harry was talking about them. Liam stood up and got right up in Harry's face. "Back off why don't you. You have no idea what she's going through, and your not helping a lot! So shut the hell up and get lost." Liam threatened through gritted teeth. A smug look grew across Harry's face as he challanged Liam. "Or. What." Liam's face went red with rage and in one swift movement, smacked his fist into Harry's eye. Harry and the others ran off straight away and Liam sat down again. He took my hand in his and looked me in the eye. "Don't ever do this again.."

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