Bad boy

Bad boy is used to always getting the girls so what happens when he can't get becca??


6. In the bed room

"Good! It got you off! Are you gunna play games or be normal for once!" 

"So we doing it like that are we"

"what are you talking about!!!" 

Harry winked sitting beside me on the bed once I. Sat down. 

Just then my mother walked in.

"not interrupting am I? Good, I just brought you two some snacks! Bye" my mother said. 

Harry walked to the tray of food, he picked up some veggies and then took a bite out of the one of the cupcakes there. Then he sat down again. 

I started drawing some ideas down on my sketch pad for the project. Harry snached the papered and pencil out my hand. 

"Hey!!!" I shouted. He totally ignored me, he was to busy actually work, well drawing! He drew something like a butterfly tattoo looking thing and a tiger roaring. 

"Oh, I can see why you took art" I said to him 

"umm yh!" He picked up his phone and stood up. He grabbed some food and ate it. Then he said.

"well iv got to go! Call you later babes!" 

How rude! Ugh I hate Harry. But I have to say his art skills are amazing! I ate the rest of the snacks, cleaned up then went to bed. Tomorrow was Friday and you know what that means. On Saturdays it's Harry's big party cuz his families out of town for a month in Spain. 

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