Bad boy

Bad boy is used to always getting the girls so what happens when he can't get becca??


4. costa coffee and dance class

~end of school~


I got there just in time. Standing at the front door was my new boss. I used to work in a clothes store so this is a big change. First he gave me a uniform and showed me how to work everything. He said for today I'm on cashier duty.

so I got to work. I served about 12-16 customer before her came in. 

"What are you doing here!" I said to him

"well I'm here for a hot chocolate love" Harry said with a wink.

"just when I thought I was free... Ok that will be 3.99." 

He handed me a fiver and said "keep the change" again winking then he left. 

After about an hour at work I got into my normal clothes said by to the boss and got into my car. Of course my day wasn't over yet! I had two hours of dance class! It was already 7:30 pm so I wasn't going to get much sleep tonight. I drove of signing. 

~dance class~ 

i got changed into my dance outfit and went into the hall. Ok so don't judge me! I don't do normal dance I do..... Pole dancing. I know it's embarrassing, I do it not sexually I do it because it's great exercise and it find it fun swinging round a Pole.... 

once I got into the hall I head to my pole, number 5, and began my normal routine iv been

learning. after about 5 minutes the leader came in. 

"You where a little late."

" Yeah sorry, I just started. My new job" 

"it's fine.... Oh don't forget the straighten your arms on that left, you don't want to fall!"

iv learnt to be extra careful now since a while ago I did a round the world swing lift and It didn't end well. The teachers check on me a lot to incase it happens again. 


I finally arrived home! everyone was already asleep. I was so tired. And my first school day wasn't so great. I hadn't just got a new school but a whole new area. I had just moved to a different place in new castle. 

I got changed and nipped onto the internet. I was sitting in my pjs on omegal, I always go on there when I'm bored for a laugh. Only the chat though, never video. 

After about an hour I logged of and went to bed 

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