Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


10. We're Ok

Becca's POV:


i heard what Harry had to say. I was mixed with emotions. Should I be happy or sad? I honestly don't know. I just was sitting there shocked. He made it out alive. But he didn't tell me. Yes, he made a promise that he'll keep me safe, but that's how?. I'm utterly confused but happy too. It's just so much to take in. 

"How have you been" he spoke up. I was ready to say "fine" like I always do but that's not true. 

"Horrible. I have been horrible, Harry" I honestly said. I felt the tears starting to boil up in my eyes. I refused to look in his eyes. 

"Well, I have been horrible too" he said biting his lip and looking down. My head started to spin and my vision became blurry. I didn't know what to do how to handle this. I was happy when I first saw him but now it's just too much. I quickly got off my couch and grabbed my coat. 

"What are you doing?" Harry said already in front of me. I ignored him putting my light jacket on. 

"Becca?!" He kept repeating. I grabbed my phone and some money in my room. I just needed to get away from this for now. Press pause just for some time. he kept trying to get my attention but I blocked him out. He suddenly grabbed my wrist pretty tough and spun my around. 

"You can't leave." Surprisingly his eyes were glossy. 

"You left" I said and I regretted that. I stormed out the door and ran across the sidewalk. I didn't hear or see him after awhile so he must gave up. Maybe I shouldn't have said that's but it's true he did leave. I cleared my thoughts and admired the beauty of New York. I walked across some streets that had little shops here and there. I came upon a dunkin donuts and went inside. Only a couple people were there on this fall breezy day. I scanned the menu quickly and decided I would get a salted caramel hot cocoa. I've had one many times when I was here and they are delicious! I was behind an older woman and her grandson I believe, waiting. They finished ordering and it was finally my turn. A young girl, most likely my age, was the cashier. Her dark auburn hair was hid behind the DD hat. Her eyes were green, like Harry's. I must say she was pretty. I ordered and payed to the girl. I thanked her and waited at the pick up line. The same lady and boy were patiently waiting too. After about five minutes they left and my cocoa was done. I exited dunkin donuts and walked some more thinking. I soon finished all of my cocoa and found a trash can near by. I figured since I was in Staten Island that I should take a trip to Times Square again. I got my phone out and found a bunch of missed calls from Harry and texts. I looked at my background to see Niall and I together with the statue liberty behind us. I remember that day so clear. Speaking about Niall, I have to apologize to him about the whole kiss dilemma and everything. I called him and he answered right away. 

"Becca?!" He said really shocked. 

"Niall!!!!!" I said excited. 

" I thought you would never call. I wanted to apologize..." He said I could see the embarrassment on his cheeks. For there we both apologized many times more and we agreed that nothing happened that day. So now he wants to meet up sometime this week. Relief fled off of me and I felt happier knowing that Niall and I are good. Before I knew it I was off the boat and roaming Times Square. I was taking pictures here and there of the cool things that was there today. I put my phone back in my pocket and walked some more. Suddenly my wrist was caught with someone's hand as I screeched. The hand turned me around and it was Harry. He had a sad expression and he looked like he was out of breath. He cupped my voice and looked me in the eyes. 

"I can't loose you again" he said just above a whisper. He leaned into me closing his eyes. My eyes fluttered close as I let this happen. His lips were warm and sweet like always. I always missed this. I always missed him.  We let go smiling at each other.  His hand slipping in mind we walked to some shops. 

"Hey Becca" he said looking at me. 

"Hey Harry" I copied him. He smirked and continued talking, 

"I have one more thing to tell you.." He said seriously. I got a little nervous. 

"What is it?" I eagerly asked.

"we're ok" 

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