Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


9. The Story

Harry's POV



"Ok, so this is what happened...." I slowly said gaining Becca's  eyes and ears to me. Her eyes you could get lost in for hours. Okay I don't want to get distracted. 


"what do you want?!" I said through my clenched teeth glaring the man. 

"I want to know what's up with you" he smirked. My hands were tightly wrapped in rope as I was sitting in a chair. My clothes were tattered with blood and dirt stains. My messy curls looked actually messy his time. I scoffed and struggled under the rope. 

"If you don't tell me anything maybe I'll do something to your girl" the was he said that made me want to punch his guts out. I swear if he lays one finger on her I will tear his face apart. 

"You wouldn't" I said with my voice dropping. 

"Oh Harry, I would and will" he winked and left me there.

"WAIT! I'll tell you" I said right before he left. 

"I don't have all day" he said impatiently.

"so you want the chip? Well, it's-uh- with Becca!" I quickly said. That was the worst lie but he nodded and bought it. That little scum. Minutes later he stormed in cutting the rope off my hands and let me out of the chair, but a gun was pointed to my head as he tied new rope to my hands. As soon as he was done he lead me out of the cell room. He told me he was going to hurt one of us and I was scared. He could kill anyone of us. Like Becca. Becca 

"NOOOO BECCA!" I yelled. I heard her scream back. Well at least she's okay. I would rather die than her. I couldn't bear without her no matter what. I then got pushed into another room with him. There was just a mini light in the middle of the room. He out me there as I dropped to my knees. I put my tied hands into my face. After what seemed like forever I heard the door open again, I didn't want to look up.  I heard an angelic voice inches away from me call my name. I looked up to see Becca worriedly looking at me. We shared a hug and a kiss or two. Oh how I wish I could cherish that moment forever. 






becca screamed and struggled under Zayn's grip as she exited the room. This is the best for us. But she doesn't know that my hands weren't tied good enough and the rope was slowly falling off. The gruesome man stood there pointing the gun at me ready to fire. As soon as Becca was gone I showed my hands to the man and gave him an evil smirk. His eyes widened as he was ready to fire. I reacted quickly kicking him in the "area" he groaned in pain dropping to the floor immediately. I got he gun from him and shot it right in his head. I heard faint screams from Becca and "shhh" from Zayn and Julia. Once I heard them go away and out of earshot I left the place. I knew Becca was going to move to New York. It's her favorite place. In the meantime I'm going to clean this crap up.


im in New York. I'm in New York! Now I've been here for 2 months watching her, making sure she's safe. I was in Times Square now and roaming around the city. I turned around to go to toy r us but saw Becca's eyes locking with mine I cursed under my breath and ran into a crowd of people and disappeared quickly. I looked back to see her searching but eventually gave up. I sighed and decided to go back to my flat. 


A couple days later I was in the same spot as I was where Becca almost caught me and thinking I was alive, which I am. I'm waiting for the stupid stoplight to turn red but nothing yet. I looked around taking in the view of New York I saw I think a girl or two and I think a man with hoods and sunglasses on. It was very odd but it's not even cold. Hmm oh well. Right when the stoplight turned red I was surrounded by the three anonymous people. After a minute or two they all took off their hood and glasses. Realization hit me and I stood there shocked that it was Becca, Zayn, and Julia. 

****end of flashback****

"so ya that's what happened" I told Rebecca. Her mouth was dropped and I just smirked at her. She started asking why I didn't call her or try to contact her while I was "dead" but she understood after I explained the safety and what not. But that doesn't matter anymore because I'm here with her right now. The person that I love too much to express in words. Too much to even say it right now. I unexpectedly kissed her. Her lips tasted like sweet mint. They were so soft and gentle. Oh how I missed this so much-being near her even. Our lips kept moving together perfectly until we were out of breath. Her name just turned me on! How crazy she drives me is unbelievable. And I'm proudly to call her my girlfriend. 






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