Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


12. The dates

"This one?" I asked for the third time. This time I'm wearing a dull orange knee length dress. It had jewels on the breast area making it look exciting. It hugged my body in an ok way. Jules eyes went big. 

"No your boobs look humongous!" She exclaimed laughing. I turned red walking back to the bathroom. I stripped down into my undergarments and went through some of my other dresses and spotted one that I haven't seen forever. It was a slim fitted dark purple knee high dress . It had a one shoulder that was bedazzled in rectangular gold medium sized jewels. It was gorgeous. I quickly took it off the hanger and slipped it on. I almost fainted. It looked amazing. Why haven't I tried this dress before?! It hugged my body just right and showing my curves in a good way. Hehe.  I walked out smiling at Julia's reaction. She looked up from her phone and cheekily smiled at me. 

"Now, this is a seller!" Jules exclaimed smiling standing up. 

" thanks. Does it seriously look that good?" I asked worrying about what Harry would think.

" Babe, Harry will guarantee start drooling, or even keep his hands off you for that matter!" Jules snickered as I slapped her shoulder playfully. 

" you had to say that why?" I asked.

"because it's the truth" she said rolling her eyes.

"You and your words..." I said walking back to the bathroom with her. 

"Very special" she said smiling proudly. We laughed together trying to pick Julia's top five dresses. Once she was done I sat Down, waiting for her to come and show me her dresses. I texted Harry in the mean time saying simple "hi's" and small talk. Julia came out in a hot pink fitting dress. I quickly shook my head no and she turned around. I'm sorry but she looked like she was going to a club, just saying. A couple more dresses later she came out with  a turquoise dress. It honestly looked stunning on her. The bottom of the dress was slightly proofed out going to mid thigh. And the bust part was bejeweled in silver gems all over that part making it pop. 

"Well?" She asked 

"you look stunning!" She smiled doing a little happy dance. 

"Really?" She said just like how I was asking. 

"Yes now let's do our make up and hair. About 30 minutes later we had our hair fixed and makeup done.i left my long curls down and Julia's hair was up leaving a few strands down. Her makeup was a barely noticeable peachy eyeshadow with mascara and eyeliner for her eyes. Her cheeks were dabbed in blush and she had clear lipgloss on. I had a smokey eye effect. Brown and black were the eye shadows and mascara for my eyes. I had a light coating of blush also with a pinky lip gloss. I had black strapped heels on and Julia had white wedges. We both looked amazing! We grabbed our mini purses and headed out the door. I texted Harry saying that we are on our way. We drove for another 10 minutes or so and pulled up to Julia's cute house. We jumped out of the car and heard our heals click clack against the pavement until we made it to the door. zayn opened the door dropping his mouth immediately as we stepped in. 








"Girls, your gorgeous." He said winking at Julia her cheeks turned pink as her shoes became interesting to her. I lightly laughed and looked at Zayn to see him in a nice black tux with a tie and his hair done nicely. I smelt his cologne from here and he honestly smelt good. I heard heavy footsteps come out of the kitchen to see harry looking the hottest he has ever been. His hair was neatly ruffled and his suit looked identical to Zayn's. I literally melted as he came walking closer. He came and wrapped his arm around mine and whispered something in my ear.


"you look absolutely gorgeous, Becca" he said kissing my cheek. I blushed furiously looking down. 

"Ready?" The boys said. We nodded exiting the house and and going into the car. This is going to be fun! 

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