Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


13. The Dates pt 2

We finally pulled up to a very expensive looking restaurant. I looked at Jules as soon as she got out of her car with Zayn and her expression was shocked like mine. It was a sleek black for a paint job and in big nest letters it said, The Breeze. I could only wonder what the inside looked like. Harry and Zayn stepped out of the car coming towards us. 

"Harry! This is like famous people restaurant! How are we gonna pay for this?!" I asked in shock.

"Becca calm down. It's called that I happen to have a high paying job" Harry said slipping his hand in mine. I simply shook my head and chuckled. We walked talking about random stuff. 

"You honestly look beautiful. Especially in the dress" Harry whispered In my ear. His hot breath trickled around my ear sending shivers down my back. 

"You don't look to bad yourself"  he winked in return as I rolled my eyes. We stepped into the restaurant immediately being assisted by a waitress. 

"Four?" She asked politely. We nodded as she skinned on her heal signifying us to follow. Zayn and Julia lead the way after the waitress. The place was white white white. White tables, chairs, almost everything. As we came to a stop she spread the menus neatly on table where four chairs were. Zayn and Harry pulled out the chairs for us to sit. I smiled at them same with Julia as we sat next to each other. They boys sat down as the waitress started talking. 

"Your waiter will be here in just a moment" she smiled and left. I looked around to see just some feet away from me there was a massive white staircase leading up somewhere. And on the tables there were little red candles making it look elegant. Soon enough I saw a figure walking towards us I couldn't make out his face but he had died blonde hair in a nice quiff. He was wearing a black outfit with a notebook and pen in hand. As he came closer I realized who it was. My ex best friend now bea cause we haven't talked forever since "that" day. A lump was stuck in my throat as I was 110% sure that it was Niall. 

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