Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


4. Recovery

I couldn't see anything besides darkness. Harry's trembling hands held my shaky ones. My heart beat sped up even more as I heard those deep footsteps once again. We both stood still not sure what will happen next. I then heard other lighter footsteps coming from behind us. Two pairs? Then a small light turned on just on Harry and I. I turned around to be met by Julia and Zayn wrapped in each others arms looking- no offense- terrible. Depression was clearly written all over their face. I was confused so much. I turned back to Harry giving him a confused expression him doing the same. Then the man who I encountered minutes ago came out from the black circling us. 

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" His voice rang through the frightful room. Harry and I stood up, our demeanor changing, we looked confident. 

"I have a story for you four" he said. We all exchanged strange glances. 

"And.." I spit harshly out. 

"Okay so you.." He pointed to Julia and Zayn. "Are spared, as for you and lover boy, you have to decide on whether which one goes or which one stays." He said with a sinful smile. I went blank. I didn't know what to do, say, or even think. I knew Harry was going to say that I go but I just couldn't do that. He means to much to me. I can't just forget about him. I felt him staring at me. I refused to look at him. I couldn't. This could be the last time we see each other. The last kiss. The last hug. The last everything between us. What am I supposed to do? I got interrupted by Harry pulling me into his passionate kisses. I could stay like this forever. The kiss ended much to my dismay. I finally looked up at him, tears started to form in my eyes. 

"I'll go." I whispered to him. 

"No! I can't let you do that. I'm going!" He said in a fierce whisper. "You promised." He added.

"Harry, what am I supposed to do? Just forget everything we had?" I said and that's when the tears just let go. 

"Yes." He said showing no emotion. He gave me one last kiss and a hug. I guess this is it. We let go and I backed up to Julia and Zayn. 

"I'll go" he said to the frightful man. 

"Excellent" he formed a smirk on his disgusting face. Harry looked back once more mouthing "I love you".

"Take her away, Zayn." And that's when I saw it the gun. The same gun in my dream. The same gun that killed Harry. I felt Zayn tug me away. I screamed and cursed at the man as he started it up. Julia opened the door for us as I struggled in zayn's grip. As soon as the door closed that's when I heard it. The thing I never wanted to hear.

the gunshot. 

---------6 Months Later----------

6 months. It's been six months since "that" happened. Every since then I cried myself to sleep in my apartment in New York. I didn't want to live with Zayn and Julia like they offered, because they reminded me of Harry to much. Right now they are healing to in California. We exchange texts every once in awhile. I now work at Strabucks. It pays for the apartment and groceries so I'm good. I was now sitting down on my couch playing with my phone. I decided to read and let my thoughts wander somewhere else. Reading just relieves me from everything mostly. It makes me happy for some reason.  Minutes later my phone beeped signaling that I had gotten a text. 

From Niall: hey! :) wanna get some coffee with me?" 

Oh ha Niall. Him and I are best friends. We are so much alike it's not even funny. He works with me at Starbucks. He was the one who showed me around and teaching me how to make and take people's orders. After that day, we became the bestest friends. I replied saying yes and got up to my room to get changed. I went into my draws looking for something to wear in the wintery air. I grabbed a cozy knitted sweater that said " GEEK" across it with some light blue denim skinny jeans. I then slipped on some tan colored moccasins. I went to my bathroom and applied minimal make up- Mascara and eyeliner. I then found some lip gloss and spread that on. Once I was satisfied I put my hair into a neat bun and left my bangs down. I grabbed my phone and some money. I found a big sweatshirt that used to be Harry's. Some of his scent was still on there as I smiled at the moment. I quickly pushed the thought away before I started bursting out into tears. I also grabbed my keys and locked the door to my apartment. I quickly texted Niall saying that I'm on my way. We met up at a different coffee shop called, Desirables.( A/N I just made that up). I walked in to hear a little jingle of a bell from me opening the door. I quickly saw Niall sitting at a small table set for two. There were two drinks one for him and one for me. I smiled sitting down. 

"I got you espresso since that's your favorite" he smiled warmly. 

"Thank you, Niall" I said sweetly. He just smiled back and we made small converstaions. We laughed here and there having a good time. I remembered when Harry and I used to have movie nights and he would always tell me stories of his childhood. He told me possibly everything before I always fell asleep on him wrapped in his arms. I dazed out more and more thinking about Harry until a tear slipped through my eye. 

"Becca, are you okay?" Niall asked worried. 

"Ya I just thought of something." I simply said wiping the tear from my cheek. 

"Oh okay. We can always talk about it anytime." He genuially said. 

"Ya haha soon." I said a little unsure if I should tell him about my deepest moments. 

A small smile appeared on his lips taking my coffee cup away and putting it on a little tray where the trash can was. I stood up and he grabbed my hand in his. I put my head in his shoulder smiling at him as we walked out of the shop. That's how close we were. We were like a couple but best friends. It was crazy but I loved it. We decided to explore around and go to Times Square for the day to get my mind off of Harry. And before I thought I did. I saw something so familiar. A figure. Not just a figure. Not just another person. I'm pretty sure I'm not going crazy but I think. I think. I think I just saw...



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