Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


6. Problems

Hey! Ok just saying Niall and Becca are NOT dating! They're just really good friends ;) hehe but anyways... 





i woke up to the sound of Niall's soft snores besides me. I felt his arms wrapped around my waist. I felt hot breath on my neck every time he breathed out. I rolled my eyes stretching still wrapped in his  arms. I heard a grumble from Niall's lips  laughing a bit. He then tightened his grip and pulled me closer. I turned all the way around to see his eyes closed but a smile playing at his lips. Niall was only his plaid pajama pants. He had a nice body though hehe. 

"Five more minutes" Niall pleaded with his morning voice. 

"Nooooo" I whined playfully. 

"Yessss" he said pushing me closer as I was trying to push him away. I started laughing because he wouldn't let me go and for some reason I just laughed away. He started softly chuckling. 

"Stop laughing. You're making me laugh" he said. I replied laughing harder and buried my head into his chest. I finished laughing lifting my head up to see Niall's ocean blue eyes. That's probably how he gets girls hehe. We both had serious faces. Speaking about faces, they were dangerously close. Too close for my liking. And the worst part he was leaning in. I couldn't move. My face just didn't want to! That's when his lips meant mine. His were sweet and soft. But nothing like Harry's. It just didn't feel right kissing my bestfriend. The kiss didn't feel right. but the surprising thing I kissed back. I grabbed his hair while he traveled up and down my back. We finally broke it. I pushed him away and found my jeans and slipped them on. I kept Niall's shirt on. And ran out of his flat as fast as lightning. I knew I should've kissed him. Well he kissed me. But why? Maybe we were just in the moment of everything. I heard my name faintly being called by Niall. But I just ran. Guilt was written all over my face. I needed someone to snuggle up to. I needed that only person I can tell anything too. Harry. My first love. My first real boyfriend. Jesus. I need a friend now. No matter how much it will remind me of Harry but I-I needed 



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