Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


14. Niall

I gulped down my water shocked to see Niall waiting our table. I looked down hoping he wouldn't notice me yet. "Hello, I'm niall and I will be your waiter this evening. Would you guys like to start off with a drink?" Yep that's niall. His Irish accent jolted up and down my body. Harry spoke up first saying that he just wanted a water, same with zayn. "And for you ladies" he said. Julia said a water also and I stayed silent. Julia pushed me slightly telling me to answer. "Ma'am?" He asked as I looked up at him and his eyes went wide and he turned red. "A water please. I said. And he just stood there still wide eyed. Harry cleared his throat and so did niall getting his attention back "sorry I'll be back soon with the waters." He quickly said leaving. "What was that about?" Jules said giving me a weird glare. "Let's just say we knew each other" I said trying to drop the subject. Niall came back with the orders and gave us our waters.

"Now for your entree?" He asked getting his notepad out again. Everyone ordered pasta and j ordered a chicken Caesar salad. He left again and an awkward silence fell over us for the rest of the night. Niall wouldn't dare to look at me and Harry looked confused. I didn't see the real meaning of this. There was tension but this much? The boys payed the bill and we left the restaurant. Harry took me back to this car and started asking so many question like who was that? Do you know him? Did he hurt you? Becca answer me?! His voice raised louder than usual and I sunk in the seat looking out the window.

"I want to go home" I said. He sighed gripping the wheel tighter. "No" he said through his teeth. "I want to go home Harry" I said louder and lee confident. "No!" He shouted. He scared me. I just don't get why he is so angry. Furious even. He doesn't even know niall and he is angry! Tears boiled in my eyes. But I didn't let them fall. He stopped abruptly at his place. He got out rushing up the stairs and I followed behind. I got in to hear a slam from the bathroom door. I did not want to stay here in his state now so I felt like taking a run for it back to my place. I heard the shower go on and I realized I should go. I know it kinda is a stupid mistake but I don't want to hear Harry scream and shout at me for something he barely knows about. I took my heals and carried them with my hand as I walked out barefoot. I closed the door as quietly as I could so he wouldn't notice that second. The door barely made a sound and I was relieved. I rand down the steps and out the door and to my apartment. I ran up the steps and took my key out from my hand bag and unlocked the door. I stumbled up the stairs and into my room. I closed my door with a slam and locked my door just in case. I locked my windows and anything else that he could possibly come into. I went into my bathroom and decided to take a shower and go straight to bed. I slipped my dress off and jumped into the shower. I if finished feeling a little bit better. I but on and oversized lifeguard sweatshirt and some yoga pants for bed. I closed my eyes trying to forget everything from tonight.


i woke up at around 4 o'clock in the morning to go to the bathroom. My eyes were still closed as I through he covers over me. I opened my eyes to see black everywhere. I put my hands out feeling my way and I successfully made it to my bathroom. I felt a cool breeze come from behind me. I switched the light on to see my window wide open and more wind came through causing me to shiver. My body went cold as I thought of the possibilities. My mind came to one conclusion....Harry.






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