Taken 2: Sequel to Taken

Sequel to the first Taken! If not read this: Check out my first book of Taken! :) thanks


11. Just another day

"Mmm that was nice" Harry said breaking the kiss. No worries we didn't do "it". God no. Just a good old make out session hehe. I laughed at Harry as he went to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. 

"So watch Wanna do?" I asked hopping onto the counter. 

"I have a few ideas" he said putting the glass down and coming closer.  He winked and pulled me closer to him. 

"Harry!" I said while lightly slapping his arm. 

"Oh I'm just kidding" he kissed my cheek and finished his water. "Let's go see Zayn and julia?" He suggested. I agreed nodding my head getting off from the counter. I grabbed my jacket and my shoulder bag. Harry already had his jacket on and he grabbed my hand. I smiled as he was already smiling down at me.  He opened the door for me letting his hand go of mine, 

"after you" 


"surprise!" Harry and I said in usion right when Zayn opened the door. Zayn laughed and finally started speaking. 

"Hey guys! Come in. Julia is somewhere" he told us. I stepped in to smell fresh cinnamon scent. It was really homey.i liked it. The floors were carpeted and they had pictures of places they went to and them together planted on the walls. It was cute! I found Julia in the kitchen making a cup of tea. She looked up at me with her bright hazel green eyes.

"Becky!" She exclaimed. She put her tea down and ran over to me giving me a massive hug. I chuckled at her and she asked me for a cup of tea. I nodded as she poured the hot liquid into another glass. 

"How have you been?" I asked while she gave me the cup. I nodded to her saying thanks. 

"I'm the happiest I ever been, honestly." She said looking into the living room. I followed her gaze to see Harry and Zayn talking smiling at each other. 

"I'm happy for you, Jules." I said referring to Zayn. "He's the luckiest guy on earth to have someone like you" I said embracing her once more. 

"Thank you, now you and Harry" she gushed winking. I rolled my eyes laughing at her. 

"Oh we are good after the whole cycle thing, ya we are good." I said my cheeks turning a light shade of pink. She giggled sipping her tea. 

"You guys are gonna get married one day too." She smiled at me while this time I took a couple sips from my tea. 

"Speaking about weddings. Can we discuss yours?" I said walking over to their dining room. 

"Oh yes!" She said sitting down across from me. Then she got back up and back to the kitchen to grab a paper and pen. She scurried back sitting down. 

"I want you to be my maid of honor" she said seriously. My mouth opened wide. I was so surprised. i was pretty much speechless. After what seemed like forever I finally spoke.

"oh my god! Of course I will!!" I squealed. I was so happy be my best friends maid of honor. I'm honored to be that!. I cooled down after talking about the venue of the actual wedding itself and the people that she would love to attend. So far about 150 people are coming. She told me that her and Zayn want kids to be there too. The place of the wedding are is called DreamsLand (made this up) in New Jersey. We researched some pictures of the venue. It was really beautiful. It's an outside wedding and the reception is in the castle looking building. Green moss covered the ground making it look like a dream. There was white pews equally lined up across the land. Then there was this little area in the front of the pews where the bride and groom stand. It was absolutely flawless to be honest. She said it was a good price too. After a couple more hours of talking and laughing the boys finally came over sitting next to us. Zayn next to jules and Harry next to me. 

"Ladies" Harry nodded to us. We smiled at them as Harry continued talking. 

"We were thinking if you two girls would like to go out with us. To a formal restaurant at 7 tonight?" He asked looking from Julia and I. 

"We made reservations for four so now you have to go" Zayn added giving us a cheeky smile. I was pretty happy to go. Just to get out of  my apartment for a bit and hang out with my closest friends. I looked at Julia and she nodded. 

"Yes we would love to go." I said pressing a kiss on Harry's cheek. He smiled taking my hand.

"good! Well we should get ready we have an hour and a half left and it takes about 30 minutes to get there." Harry said getting up with me. 

"Wait, how bout Rebecca and I get ready together and you and Zayn get ready?" She said. Yes yes yes. That's a good idea. I need her opinion for some of my dresses. 

"Sure" Zayn shrugged. 

"Well we'll see you soon boys" I said winking at them and kissing harry goodbye. Zayn gave Jules a peck on the lips and we grabbed some things from her and Zayn's room while I grabbed my stuff. We waved bye to them after and we left. Wait I needed Harry's keys! I quickly ran back up her short steps and opened the door. 

"Harry! Can I have your keys?" I said through the door. 

"Ya one sad one second! He said I heard his voice coming closer. He fumbled them out of his black skinny jeans and handed them to me. 

"Thanks" I said closing the door. But right when It was about to shut it so etching was blocking it. His foot. Oh Harry.

"ye-" I got interrupted my his lips pressing to mine. Jesus, Harry. I chuckled beneath his lips and broke it. 

"I have to go styles!" I said pushing him away. He chuckled and closed the door. My smile still played at my lips and saw Julia standing there with her stuff in her hands. I cursed under my breath totally forgetting her. Oops, stupid kiss. Hehe. I unlocked the doors and popped the trunk for her she through the stuff in the drunk and huffed a breath. I got in the drivers seat and started the car. Jules got in right after and we drove to my house with music blasting and us singing really loud. This was just another day, but better. 

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