lily gets a present from her parents and spends a holiday in california and u can read it from there


1. SURPRISE!!!!!

                        It felt so good graduating and getting a lot of sleep i woke up by the squealing of my mom i wonder what has happen i regret coming from my comfy bed i dragged myself to bathroom and took a long warm shower i wore my baggy pink sweatshirt and my comfy jeans. I brushed my long curly hazel hair it had knots and tangles i smoothed it and went downstairs i saw my mom , dad and my typical brother Rydian they looked at me with smiles and i could see a bored face on Rydian he was usually quiet and annoyed me at school he is a handsome tall 23 year old with jet black hair and a dimple he is  attracted by all the girls in the neighborhood anyway my parents were in a good mood i sat on the counter in the kitchen so how is your morning darling my dad said in between bites munching his pancake happily im fine hello my mom said running to me and hugging me mom i said almost choking sorry dear im just so happy she smiled so what happened i said curiously . i saw my dad glad to say the story he dried his throat and started well its just that we checked your grades on my laptop and it seems you passed so we want to give you a present i was so happy i studied day and night so i can be a doctor so my work finally my paid out anyway i saw my dad with an envelope this for you sweet heart he said giving me a soft kiss on the cheek i tore the envelope and i saw my mom next to me  and Rydian i guess thy were curious two i gasped and looked sideways at my dad and mom and Rhydian didn't look that curious  i guess he knew in front of me was a ticket to my dream country California wow i was happy howw did you know i wanted these i exclaimed my dad looked at Rydian and turned red with embarrassment umm he started me an rydian kinda checked your diary WHAT!!! i said getting angry but calmed a bit no one not even my best friend Camilla  read it but we are sorry dad said im not going to be angry with him forever of course not i love my dad but not my typical  annoying brother i grabbed a plate and shoved three slices of pancakes i looked around and saw Rydian staring at me what i said im kinda hungry yeah he said you eat like a pig i felt like kicking him and by the way he said turning around i know your secret wat i said getting nervous o o o if my brother knew a secret he will spread to every one an make me look like a fool i don't have a secret i said standing up for myself he chuckled and said yeah  by the way i will be having fun while yo are away i rolled my eyes i took my fork and munched my pancake happily i usually eat a lot but im skinny my food doesnt seem to add me weight my mom snapped me from me and my pancakes so you are going with me look at you , you dont have anything good in your closet so me and you are going shopping she said happily my mom still treats like i am ten and doesnt realize i am nineteen but since i am going tomorrow i wont argue ok i shrugged i went upstairs and changed into something more suitable i wore my skinny jeans and my long sleeve black and white stripe shirt i found my mom in the car and we drove to the mall we entered the shops and i bought jeans shorts tank tops tee shirts and shoes i saw this shop with the most amazayn dress my mom caught me staring and entered the shop she saw the dress i fancied and when i checked the price tag shock strike me it was really expensive but my mom didn't look twice and told me to try it on i refused but she finally won and i tried it on the staff saw me and complimented me that i looked good in the dress the dress itself was a strapless sapphire blue dress with turquoise shades and purple sequence it had matching blue heels and its purse my mom took the dress and we found other expensive dresses i bought 4 dresses and i was satisfied my mom was tired it showed  we went to Starbucks and my mom ordered a mocha latte and i ordered ice tea we finished and we drove back home with seven carrier bags so the ladies went shopping my dad said when opening the doors he spun me around and tickled me i was a ticklish girl and he kissed mom i pulled out a disgusted face but they  laughed at my face  we ate lunch and i texted my friends and she seems not going anywhere holidays  i felt really bored and no one seems to watch the tv i took the remote controller i scanned all the channels i went to MTV i saw 5  cute lads sitting and talking to the host they were one direction my friend Camilla would go crazy  to be honest i wants as crazy as Camilla i kinda like some of their songs but      i didn't pay attention to their music i had my own music i play the guitar and the piano i have some songs but i wasn't focused with these lads  but they looked cute especially Niall i kinda fancied him but not that much i looked at the clock and it was almost 10 pm i had a flight in the morning i went and changed into my pajamas and dived to my bed and entered my duvet i went to sleep and i  felt so great cos im going to have the best 2 month holiday in California

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