lily gets a present from her parents and spends a holiday in california and u can read it from there



 Finnaly i reached the motel a huge man appeared and carried my lugage i made reservation and found a room i dived on the bed .i chatted with my buddies i checked the the time reaising that its only noon and im bored in california i got up and straightened my clothes guess im gonna go to the nearest beach i put a dress in my duffel bag with sunscreen i put some shades i skipped to the elevator surprising the old people on how major excited i was who cares i took a cab and took me to the nearest beach  i was surprised it was empty no teenagers just an old guy strolling at the shore i wanted to leave but the water attracted me i wanted to swim i wished to  go to the beach since i was young and am i just gonna leave? i removed my flip flops diving at the beautiful sea i didnt want to go too far to drown but my mind wasnt thinking about stopping my hands suddenly my legs got tired and my hands were aching i looked beneath my feet finding myself a mile from the shore panic entered me my hands froze i was DROWING!!!  help i yelled the old man dissappeared im going to die!!

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