lily gets a present from her parents and spends a holiday in california and u can read it from there


7. new friends

  lily pov


    i woke up my head pounding there was a bruise . i tried to recall what happened but i could only remeber me at the beach i got up straightning my clothes i washed my face somethings fishy i muttered then i realized where am i cos this is not my hotel room i panicked what happened and where am i i rushed out of the  romm oposite my room my eyes caught a guitar i forgot about the panicking and walked in the room smiling it was a music room the guitar was posh and i knew whoever had it is someone known i felt eager for a long time to play the guitar i touched the stringss feeling that awesome sensation i saw some music sheets it read little things i played the guitar and sang the song it was a really good song after i finished i heard  claps followed by a bravo in turned and i faced a familiar boy with cute dirty blonde hair and blue eyes was it that good i scoffed yeah he said blushing i put the guitar realizing im a girl who broke in somones house and playing their guitar. Sorry i blurted out fast its okay he said smiling umm why am i here ? i said asking a dumb question you were drowning and zayn saved you oh i said feelig stupid i drowned its okay now u r fine right he said my head is kinda bruised but im okay i smiled foolishedly at this cute boy umm i should go i said suddenly my stoach rumbled so loudly i guess the boy heard itwoaw i yelped thats a growl he chuckled want some breakfast yeah a whole plate i laughed he blushed for what i dont know forwhy did you turn red i asked i just like girls who eat i chuckled haha well im number one can i ask you a question sure tell me he said umm you look kind of familiar well im Niall Horan he sighed expecting me to be like what no way!!! cool i said shrugging my name is Lily why arent you surprised he asked cos i dont care whether you r in a boyband your r still human right i said coolly he was queit for a second Lets eat i said running to the kitchen.

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