A walk to remember


1. The snow

I swirled in between the bare trees,

Weaving in and out.

I settled to the ground creating a white blanket, comforting the earth.

It was dark now,

But soon the sun would make me glisten and shine like tiny diamonds, but even more precious.

A young women woke as the sun rose,

Casting rays illuminating the forest floor.

She stretched, squinting as the sun wound through her curtains.

Leaping out of bed,

She tore the curtains open to gaze upon me.

Pulling on her boots and hat,

She ran outside.

Her footsteps crunched and left an imprint in me.

Ruining me.

A man rushed to meet her, held her close.

I felt so lonely as I saw them,

Holding hands and spoiling me as they ran.

But then I realized how peaceful they looked,

How much they loved me.

And that made me happy,

To be loved.

Children laughed but i watched the man and women,

Stood holding hands as I swirled.

They were perfect,

And so was I.

It was so beautiful, the snow.



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