Daughter of Beauty

At Camphalfblood,Angelina lives in the Aphrodite's Cabin with the snobby cabin leader Fiona.Angelina wishes she could just change cabins;everyone thinks that the Aphrodite cabin is for Whimps,but she is destined to make that change...with the help of friend,danger,love, and unbelievable combat skills!!!


3. Rose the Matchmaker

The boy I humiliated.I felt a little sorry for him,I probably ruined his reputation.He walked by and I actually realized what he looked like.He had Dirty blond roughed up hair.He was tan and had Piercing green eyes.He noticed me and gave a small smile.I turned away my face blushing a little.He wandered back to his cabin.Rose appeared in front of me in two seconds."How was the game?Was it fun?What team were you on?Who did you fight?..."She rambled.Seeing the "I get it" look on my face she giggled ."I have a few questions."We both laughed."Do you know that kid from Apollo:Dirty blond hair,Green eyes,tan?" I asked.She shrugged ."Why?Then she was shocked .Then her face started turning red and big like she was going to explode with confetti!She smiled HUGELY!She started talking so fast she was speaking jibberish,then realized I didn't speak C.E.R.L. (crazy,excited,rose,language) and then suddenly was all serious and saluted me.She burst again talking about valentines day and mushy stuff.She was instantly serious again."Rose the Matchmaker at your service!!!"

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