Daughter of Beauty

At Camphalfblood,Angelina lives in the Aphrodite's Cabin with the snobby cabin leader Fiona.Angelina wishes she could just change cabins;everyone thinks that the Aphrodite cabin is for Whimps,but she is destined to make that change...with the help of friend,danger,love, and unbelievable combat skills!!!


4. Artemis's Apperance

   The feast was great!!I got two slices of pepperoni pizza,Doritos,and a side of fruit.Perfection!I sacrificed half of my Italian treat in the fire.The aroma of it burning smelled incredible!It was so amazing I can't put it into words!I enjoyed my magical / refillable goblet,re-energizing with some Sprite.

The Apollo cabin sure knew homework to run a campfire!I liked the song "Dowm by the bay,Where Thailia's tree grows"The Fire was fifteen feet tall!It was yellow,red,and orange,and sparking like the Fourth of July!Which meant everyone was happy!Even Mr.D (Dionysus) ,the camp director was in a good mood!And he's ALWAYS grumpy!

The Festivities stopped.Everyone got the vibe that someone else was there; not a camper or director.A young woman in a silver long dress entered,beside her a small army of girls wearing matching apparel.The woman's hair was gold and put in a braided bun.Her Green eyes had Thunder inside of them.She wore a silver headband and the whole group was armed with bows."I am Artemis, goddess of the Moon,and the hunt.I have come with terrible news.A recent daughter was born..from the evil earth mother,Gaea.Gaea has created her to spark hatred in the Gods by stealing our prized possessions and ruining their realms of power!Poseidon's Trident,Hermes's flying shoes,Apollo's Sun Chariot,Hepaestus's tools,Aphrodite's Comb, and much more,including my bow!!She continues stealing the Gods'balances!!Please help us all!The Oracle will tell us who is going."

"Huh ?!Did someone call me?Excuse me,Pardon me..." A girl with red hair and  a  drizzle of freckles steeped forward."I Rachel Elizabeth Dare See.." Her voice changed to a low and tough tone."Four  Children on this quest,Aphrodite's daughter unique,Apollo's son who has met his father,A daughter of Demeter optimistic and true,And a son of Athena,Who's worthy and knowledge has grew.Young Heroes of This Path,a claiming mark will appear only on the bravest Demigods here!"A pink sign of a mirror appeared on my head.The boy I met in Apollo had a Golden Lyre,A sign of wheat appeared over Rose's head,and a symbol of a book appeared on a boy from the Athena cabin.Fiona threw a hissy fit."Why her?!What about Me!"She complained.We stepped forward.

"You are our last Hope,young heroes."Artemis spoke.

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