Simply Forbidden (Drarry)

It all began when Harry's name was pulled from the goblet. Draco and Harry end up getting detention because of a stupid argument which ends up getting physical. Harry's always knew he was gay and so did Draco but two enemies together? How ridiculous! But there's only a fine line between love and hate. Draco and Harry's relationship flourishes as they carry on their years in Hogwarts but what will happened when Voldemort returns and wants revenge? Draco can't possibly fight for the light side. Can he? Will it all end in tears and blood? Or tears and love?


2. It's All Problems

Harry's POV:

"Hello," Hermione said, holding up a stack of toast, which she was carrying in a napkin. "I brought you this. Want to go for a walk?"
"Good idea," said I gratefully.
We went downstairs, crossed the entrance hall quickly without looking in at the Great Hall, and we were soon striding across the lawn toward the lake, where the Durmstrang ship was moored, reflected blackly in the water. It was a chilly morning, and we kept moving, munching our toast.
"Well, of course I knew you hadn't entered yourself," she said suddenly.
"Have you seen Ron?" I interrupted.
She hesitated. "Erm, yes. He was at breakfast," she said.
"Does he still think I entered myself?"
"Well, no, I don't think so, not really," said Hermione awkwardly.
"What's that supposed to mean, 'not really'?"~
"Oh Harry, isn't it obvious?" Hermione said despairingly. "He's jealous!"
"Jealous? Jealous of what? He wants to make a prat of himself in front of the whole school, does he?"
"Look," said Hermione patiently, "it's always you who gets all the attention, you know it is. I know it's not your fault," she added quickly.. "I know you don't ask for it,but - well - you know, Ron's got all those brothers to compete against at home, and you're his best friend, and you're really famous - he's always shunted to one side whenever people see you, and he puts up with it, and he never mentions it, but I suppose this is just one time too many."
"Great. Really great. Tell him from me I'll swap any time he wants. Tell him from me he's welcome to it. People gawping at my forehead everywhere I go."
"I'm not teiling him anything. Tell him yourself. It's the only way to sort this out."
"I'm not running around after him trying to make him grow up! Maybe he'll believe I'm not enjoying myself once I've got my neck broken or -"
"That's not funny! That's not funny at all." She looked extremely anxious. "Harry, I've been thinking - you know what we've got to do, don't you? Straight away, the moment we get back to the castle?"
"Yeah, give Ron a good kick up the -"
"Write to Sirius. You've got to tell him what's happened. He asked you to keep him posted on everything that's going on at Hogwarts. It's almost as if he expected something like this to happen. I brought some parchment and a quill out with me -"
"Come off it. He came back to the country just because my scar twinged. He'll probably come bursting right into the castle if I tell him someone's entered me in the Triwizard Tournament -"
"He'd want you to tell him. He's going to find out anyway."
"Harry, this isn't going to be kept quiet. This tournament's famous, and you're famous. I'll be really surprised if there isn't anything in the Daily Prophet about you competing. . . . You're already in half the books about You-Know-Who, you know.. . and Sirius would rather hear it from you, I know he would."
"Okay, okay, I'll write to him," 
"Whose owl am I going to use?" I asked as we climbed the stairs. "He told me not to use Hedwig again."
"Ask Ron if you can borrow -"
"I'm not asking Ron for anything!"
"Well, borrow one of the school owls, then, anyone can use them."

We went to the Owlery and Hermione gave me a piece of parchment, a quill and a bottle of ink.
I wrote:

"Dear Sirius, You told me to keep you posted on what's happening at Hogwarts, so here goes - I don't know if you've heard, but the Triwizard Tournament's happening this year and on Saturday night I got picked as a fourth champion. I don't who put my name in the Goblet of Fire, because I didn't. The other Hogwarts champion is Cedric Diggory, from Hufflepuff. I paused at this point, thinking. I had an urge to say something about the large weight of anxiety that seemed to have settled inside my chest since last night, but I couldn't think how to translate this into words, so I simply dipped my quill back into the ink bottle and wrote, Hope you're okay, and Buckbeak - Harry"  
"I can't use you," I told Hedwig. "I've got to use one of these."
She kept her back to me the whole time I was there. I tied my letter to a barn owl but as I went to stroke Hedwig she clicked her beak furious and flew up out of reach.
"First Ron, then you, This isn't my fault." I said angrily.

I left Hermione in the Owlery alone. I needed time to cool off. I walked into an empty classroom and threw myself into one of the chairs. Ron might think I get all the attention but that's only in school, he didn't know what I went through at home. He didn't know anything I did do wrong I was beaten until I couldn't move. He didn't know even if I hadn't done anything but Uncle's day was bad, he'd hit me until the rage had left him. He didn't know what it feels like to be bullied everyday in the summer, even nearly everyday for eleven years. He had a good home life, he had a family who cared and loved him, something I didn't. I had Sirius but I hardly ever saw him. I didn't know whether to feel angry at Ron or upset at all the memories that had just flooded back. I could feel tears forming in my eyes, I tried to blink them back. I placed my head down on the table and shut my eyes. Tears were streaming down my face. I heard the door click, why did people have to see me like this? I didn't look up. I didn't care who it was. 
I heard "Harry?"

Draco's POV:

I had made my way down to the Great hall, I was happy about actually having a someone who could see me for me not the person I pretended to be. I had a smile on my face when Pansy asked "What's got you so smiley?" 
"Nothing." I replied quickly.
She narrowed her eyes and gasped. "You have a boyfriend don't you?" She shrieked.
"Shout it out why don't you?" I said sarcastically.
Pansy was someone I trusted and knew could keep a secret. I'd told her. She asked "Who?"
"It doesn't matter who." I said.
"It's fine if you don't want to tell me, Draco. I'll figure it out on my own."
I rolled my eyes and said "No you won't."
She replied in a high pitch pantomime voice "Yes I will."
"Shut up." I laughed.
I heard someone say "Wouldn't they make a cute couple?"
"Shut up." I snapped in that direction. I'd noticed Harry wasn't in the hall and neither was Granger. I had decided to set out and try and find Harry. I knew Harry wouldn't have told Granger about  me but I would know Harry's alright.
I walked down for a while when I heard two people shouting. I heard someone yelp in pain. I knew that yelp from the numerous times we had fought. Harry.

I opened the classroom door, I saw Weasley hitting Harry and Harry had slid down. He suddenly yelled "Please, stop! I'll be good now. I'll be a good boy."
Weasley ignored what he had said or simply had not heard it because he was so angry. I froze. "I'll be a good boy." I knew those words. I had used those words when my father had attacked me as a child. I yelled "Weasley, Potter? What are you doing?"
I walked over to the ginger boy and dragged him away from my Harry by the ear.
He yelled "Ouch! Malfoy, this has nothing to do with you."
"Well, when I can hear people yelling. I will come running. Get out." I said venom had dripped off the last two words. His face turned to shock. He rushed out of the room. Harry was on the floor, his head in his knees. He was violently sobbing. I slid down the wall and sat down beside him. I touched his arm he yelled again "No, please, I've been good. I've been a good boy! I promise."
I said softly "I know Harry, it's me. Draco." 
He looked up at me, I put my arms around him, he began shaking with tears. I knew how he felt. He just didn't know it, he hopefully never would have to. I tried my best to comfort him. His sleeve had rolled up and I saw scars. Some were from being hit, others I knew were not. I knew what the were from, I'd been to that dark place before. Harry noticed I'd seen them and quickly pulled his sleeve down.
I whisperedd "It's alright."
He shook his head. "I know, I'm weird and I'm a freak and I understand if you want to leave. I mean I totally-"
I cut him off "It's alright. Harry stop, you're not a freak. You can tell me what's wrong whenever you're ready, I don't mind."
I kissed him gently on the lips, his lips tasted salty from the tears he'd been crying. I wiped away his tears with the sleeves of my robes. 
He whispered "You don't understand. You probably never will but thank-you. I love you."
I pulled him into a hug. 
"I understand more than you think, Harry." I thought.

Harry's POV:

The days had gone smoothishly. Draco had wished me good luck on the first task, the same as pretty much everyone has. I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard:

"Potter, the champions have to come down onto the grounds now. You have to get ready for your first task."
"Alright" I said, standing up, my fork fell onto my plate with a clatter.
"Good luck, Harry," Hermione whispered. "You'll be fine!"
"Yeah," I replied.
I had left the Great Hall with Professor McGonagall. She didn't seem herself either.
In the cold November wind she put her hand on my shoulder and said"Now, don't panic, just keep a cool head. We've got wizards standing by to control the situation if it gets out of hand.The main thing is just to do your best, and nobody will think any the worse of you. Are you all right?"
"Yes. I'm fine." Saying this took me by surprised. I was far from fine, I was terrified. I never wanted to be in this situation. I'd rather be back at the Dursley's than fighting a dragon. I was glad Hermione had taught me how to use a summoning charm and Professor Moody had gave me pointers. Even Hagrid for giving me the hint about the dragons.

I was lead toward the place where the dragons were being kept. (Near the edge of the forest.) 
"You're to go in here with the other champions. Wait your turn Potter. Mr Bagman is in there, he'll be telling the procedure, good luck." Professor McGonagall said in a shaky voice.
"Thanks." I said in a flat voice. I then headed inside the tent.
Fleur Delacour was sitting in a corner on a how wooden stool. She didn't look nearly as composed as usual, but rather pale and clammy. Viktor Krum looked even surlier than usual, which I supposed was his way of showing nerves. Cedric was pacing up and down. When I entered, Cedric gave me a small smile, which I returned, the muscles in my face were working rather hard, as though they had forgotten how to do it.
"Harry! Good-o!" said Bagman happily, looking around at him. "Come in, come in, make yourself at home!" Bagman looked somehow like a slightly overblown cartoon figure, standing amid all the pale-faced champions. He was wearing his old Wasp robes again.
"Well, now we're all here - time to fill you in!" said Bagman brightly. "When the audience has assembled, I'm going to be offering each of you this bag" - he held up a small sack of purple silk and shook it at them - "from which you will each select a small model of the thing you are about to face! There are different - er - varieties, you see. And I have to tell you something else too.. . ah, yes... your task is to collect the golden egg!"

I glanced around. Cedric had nodded once, to show that he understood Bagman's words, and then started pacing around the tent again; he looked slightly green. Fleur Delacour and Krum hadn't reacted at all. Perhaps they thought they might be sick if they opened their mouths; that was certainly how I felt. But they, at least, had volunteered for this. 

In no time at all, hundreds upon hundreds of pairs of feet could be heard passing the tent, their owners talking excitedly, laughing, joking.  And then - it seemed like about a second later Bagman was opening the neck of the purple silk sack.
"Ladies first," he said, offering it to Fleur Delacour.

She put a shaking hand inside the bag and drew out a tiny, model of a dragon; a Welsh Green. It had the number two around its neck and I knew, by the fact that Fleur showed no sign of surprise, but rather a determined resignation, that I had been right: Madame Maxime had told her what was coming.
The same held true for Krum. He pulled out the scarlet Chinese Fireball. It had a number three around its neck. He didn't even blink, just sat back down and stared at the ground.
Cedric put his hand into the bag, and out came the blueish-gray Swedish Short-Snout, the number one tied around its neck. Knowing what was left, I put my hand into the silk bag and pulled out the Hungarian Horntail, and the number four. It stretched its wings as I looked down at it, and bared its fangs.
"Well, there you are!" said Bagman. "You have each pulled out the dragon you will face, and the numbers refer to the order in which you are to take on the dragons, do you see?
Now, I'm going to have to leave you in a moment, because I'm commentating. Mr. Diggory, you're first, just go out into the enclosure when you hear a whistle, all right? Now Harry, could I have a quick word? Outside?"
"Er, yes," I said confused, and I got up and went out of the tent with Bagman, who walked me a short distance away, into the trees.
"Feeling all right, Harry? Anything I can get you?"
"What?" I said "I - no, nothing."
"Got a plan?" said Bagman, lowering his voice conspiratorially. "Because I don't mind sharing a few pointers, if you'd like them, you know. I mean," Bagman continued, lowering his voice still further, "You're the underdog here, Harry. Anything I can do to help?"
"No," I said, quickly. I knew I had come across rude and added on "No - I - I know what I'm going to do, thanks."
"Nobody would know, Harry," said Bagman, winking at him.
"No, I'm fine," I said, I started to wonder why I kept telling people I was fine, I was far from."I've got a plan worked out, I -"
A whistle had blown somewhere.
"Good lord, I've got to run!" said Bagman in alarm, and he hurried off.

I walked back to the tent and saw Cedric emerging from it, greener than ever. I tried to wish him luck as he walked past, but my voice had failed me and I went hoarse.

Draco's POV:

I felt a wave of nervousness throw over me. Harry was facing a dragon? I had taunted him about being squashed in the tournament but I didn't mean it, I didn't actually want him killed. I waited for Harry to come out, nerves building up. Pansy looked at me and he face changed from confusion to realisation "Oh my, Draco. It's Harry isn't it? Your boyfriend is Harry, I'm right aren't I?"
I nodded, I chewed my lip nervously praying mentally Harry would be alright.
She touched my arm gently "He'll be fine. He always is, he's Harry Potter." She was trying to reasure me. 

The crowd broke into a round of applause; Krum had finished - it would be Harry's turn any moment.
The whistle blew. Harry walked out through the entrance of the tent. The Horntail was at the other end of the enclousure, protecting her eggs, her yellow eyes were glaring at Harry. I chewed my nail neverously and received a slap on the hand from Pansy to stop. The crowd was making a great deal of noise, not all of it as friendly as one would expect. Harry raised his wand.
"Accio Firebolt!" he shouted.
Harry stood there, waiting.  I held my breath waiting for something to happen, I felt like a bundle of nerves. I let go of the breath I was holding when his broom appeared and he swung his leg over his broom and kicked off the ground.
Harry was zooming around higher in circles, the Horntail had a glare fixed on the raven haired boy. It would be dizzy but if he didn't move soon, he'd be playing his cards wrong. Harry plummeted, the Horntail opened its mouth and he barely missed the flames. Despite missing the flames he was hit by the tail that came whipped up to meet him. It caused a graze and ripped his robes. My stomach gave a sickening twist.

The Horntail didn't seem to want to take off, she was too protective of her eggs. She twisted and turned to keep her fixed glare on Harry, she would not move from her eggs. He had to persuade her to move, he just had to be cautious. I felt myself zone out. It was like a trace, I couldn't see, hear or feel anything going on around me. I could only see the raven haired Gryffindor fighting a dragon. I eventually heard the crowd cheer and realised Harry had gotten hold of the golden egg.

When we arrived back at Hogwarts I was still panicking inside. Pansy smiled to me "Draco, he's fine. Calm down. Let the mask slip, you're a Slytherin remember."
I nodded and changed my expression back to my usual spiteful one. I wandered the corridors for a while, I ran into someone. "Watch where you're-oh Harry!" I said with a grin on the last word.
He grabbed my arm and dragged me into a random broom cupboard.
"Why are we in here?" I asked.
"I don't know, just I guess I'm used to cupboards. How'd I do then?"
I could resist from throwing my arms around him. "You scared me to death! Are you alright?"
"I'm fine." He replied.

Harry's POV:

"I'm fine." I said. This time I meant it, I actually was fine.
He asked "How's the cuts?"
I put my head down ashamed. "They're alright. They're healing."
He put his fingers under my chin and lifted my head. "Don't. The best part is they're healing. Tell me how you feel when you feel like that. I'm proud of you." He pecked me gently on the lips and pulled me into a hug. I put my head on his shoulder and he played with my hair. 
"You really need to run a comb through your hair." He said jokingly.
"You don't think I've tried?" I replied in the same tone. 
We stood in the broom cupboard, even in such a small space we enjoyed eachother's company. The day was eventful but Draco had a way of fixing things, I don't know how but he just did. I really did fall hard for this boy. How would my best-friends take this?

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