Maybe she is the one?

Gabrielle and Eliot were friends since 3rd Grade. When Paige cam along in 9th Grade they wasn't friends, she took Eliot away from Gabrielle. Until they were in University they became friends again, Paige got in the way again, but then she moved. They were happy to be friends until one day it all changed.


1. Christmas-1996

It was a cold, icy Christmas Eve, Gabrielle was home with her mother, making sure she got all the presents wrapped up. "Mum, has dad gone and got your christmas present?" Gabrielle asked."No, he has gone to get yours" her mother replied. "Oh" giggled Gabrielle. Gabrielle waited for her father to come home. 1 hour past. 2 hours past. 3 then 4. "Gabrielle it's time to go to bed honey" mumbled her mother. "But dad isn't home, he never takes this long" Gabrielle said, worried. "He had to get loads of presents though, come on I asked you 2 hours ago to go to bed, I will make sure that he will give you a kiss when he comes home" her mother replied. "But.." "Please, bed now" broke in her mother. "Okay..."  Gabrielle moaned. "Night sweety".


 Her father called Hannah, Gabrielle's mum. It wasn't him though it sounded like a different man, "Is this Hannah? I'm afraid your husband has been in a car accident, he will be fine, we are taking him to hospital for the night and day. We don't know of anything broken, but is there anyway you could make it to the hospital? said a paramedic. "Umm... uhh" "Madam, are you there?" "Uhh yes, I have no way of getting to the hospital until an hours time." "Ok then." 

Hannah calls her brother. " Mark I need your help now! Adam has been in a car crash and I need to get to the hospital." "Slow down, what?" "Adam has been in a car crash. I need to get to the hospital. Could you give me a lift?" "Uhh.. yes, I will be there in 30 minutes. 

Hannah goes and wakes Gabrielle up. "Mum, what's happened?" "Your father has been in a car accident, Uncle Marks will be here in 30 minutes, to give me a lift to the hospital do you want to come or shall I get Margaret?" "I want to see my dad!" demanded Gabrielle. "He is fine, may have a broken arm or leg, but we will look after him." "Ok" 

Gabrielle gets her bag for the night, she want's to stay with her father. "Mum, we are staying at the hospital for the night aren't we?" "Yes" replied Hannah.







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