After watching the shining Megan heads to bed feeling safe and secure. why would anyone want to hurt her?


1. The Shining

Aidan wrapped his arms around me tight as the final few seconds of the shining flashed on the screen. He flinched as the screen went black leaving the room dark as the lights were turned off. As usual neither of us were really willing to heave our bodies over to the light switch and illuminate the scantily furnished living room.

For a first house his was pretty good. Even with a badly paying job at the record shop in town he had still somehow managed to afford a suburban 2 bedroom. Being at uni as I was we both found it hard to spend time together between studying and friends so this night was a rare occasion. We celebrated with a goodnight kiss which postponed the inevitable awkward bedtime preparations for my departure the morning after.

I levered my bloated body off the sofa, we always ate too much when together... I suppose it was our thing, a freaky flick and food. My imprint remained on my sofa and even in the darkness i could see Aidan flashing me a grateful smile as I wandered over  to the switch.

We both blinked as the the single bulb flickered to life. That's what I would buy him for Christmas... a lampshade.

With a final teasing look I stuck my tongue out as I turned and went up the stairs bound for the bedroom. 

I hated leaving, but i hated packing my bags even more. I looked around at my clothes scattered around my feet. It's times like this that I regretted my messy demeanour. A tee over the end of the bed, a sock in the corner.  This monotonous game of hide and seek would surely be the death of me some day... why didn't I take a shower, yeah, I'd feel so much brighter after that.

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