1. chapter 1

Denise's p.o.v

Today is the day I leave this invisible state called Oregon! Me and sandy always hated it here because one direction would never come here, not for a single show. Our dreams are becoming reality. we always talked about moving to England together ever since we were 13 years old.

"I am going to miss you" my mom says wrapping me in a hug.

"I am going to miss you to mom I love you" I replied hugging her tight closing my eyes trying not to cry. I've never even gone out of state other then a little bit of California, this is a big change.

"Flight 37 to England boarding now" a female voice says over the intercom.

"Sandy that's us!" I squealed. I gave my mom one last hug and then locked arms with sandy as we got on the plane.

Sandy's p.o.v

Me and Denise got on the plane and sat down in are seats as we looked around observing our surroundings. Denise looked super nervous because this is the very first time she has ever rode on a plane. I offered her the window seat but she declined because she is afraid of heights and won't look out of it.

"Denise this is really happening! Like we are actually going to England!" I say as I shake her arm.

"To be honest I thought this was never going to happen. This is my biggest dream and I am about to live it with my best friend, I can't ask for anything more." Denise says hugging me while sitting down.

"Remember when I first met you? It was the 7th grade and it was the first day of school. We were both so nervous and the surrounding were all so new to us both."I say smiling up to the ceiling remember the day.

"How could I forget it was one of the happiest days of my life! You got me through so much you honestly have no Idea I might not even be here with out you" Denise says tearing up.

"Aw denise don't cry"

"They are happy tears I promise"

The flight Attendant give the lesson nod what to do when flying and tells us we are about to take of and to please remain seated. Denise is kinda pale when she feels the plane going bit she calms down once we are in the air. We both fall asleep and wait till we arrive at our new home.


Hi guys this is my first fan-Fic ever so I know it won't be the best but hey might as well try am I right?! Well I might not be perfect at like punctuation and I know that so like please no comments about that. I think I am going to continue it but I am not sure if I should... Comments? Thanks for reading! Byee xx.

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